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How Does A Commercial Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is a device that plays a crucial role in regulating the temperature in industries and commercial buildings. The commercial models are larger, more powerful and consume more power than domestic types.

What Does HVAC Mean?

Whether you are an aspiring industrial technician or view home improvement clips, you might have heard the acronym ‘HVAC.’ Home designers are the lot that clearly understands what HVAC means. Since you are interested in finding more about the acronym,…
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Using The Gas Safe Register

What is a Gas Safe Register? The Gas Safe Register is the official and only gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers within the United Kingdom. It is the law for all gas businesses to be on the Gas…
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Commercial Gas Boiler Flue Regulations

What is a commercial boiler? A commercial boiler system is any system that heats water, which is used to warm buildings. The operations usually use natural gas fuel or burn fuel oil while others use electricity resistant coils. The systems…
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Gas Safe ID Cards Categories Explained

Any person carrying out work on domestic or commercial gas pipework or appliances must be on the Gas Safe Register by law. This requirement has been put in place to ensure that people and property are kept safe.

2020 Part L Energy Efficiency Regulations

The energy performance of a building has become a critical element in today’s construction industry. Property owners must ensure that buildings attain the established regulations. Since 2013, the Energy Efficiency Directive provided the regulations for the energy performance requirements of…
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