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How Long To Install A Boiler?

Boiler installation in Manchester and the North-West. How long does it take? We are the industry leaders in boiler installation in Manchester and the North-West. At ST Heating Services Ltd., our experienced heating engineers are the experts for boiler installation…
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When Does A Boiler Become Commercial?

Commercial boilers are systems that heat water that is used for warming buildings. In most cases, they use natural gas as fuel; others may use electricity resistant coils or burn fuel oil. The boiler has electric coils or burners that…
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How A Steam Boiler Works

Steam boilers are a system that heats water to the boiling point, and the resulting steam goes on to warm various whatever is required of it. These kinds of boilers are particularly useful for heating due to the rapid nature…
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Gas Safe ID Cards Categories Explained

Any person carrying out work on domestic or commercial gas pipework or appliances must be on the Gas Safe Register by law. This requirement has been put in place to ensure that people and property are kept safe.

2020 Part L Energy Efficiency Regulations

The energy performance of a building has become a critical element in today’s construction industry. Property owners must ensure that buildings attain the established regulations. Since 2013, the Energy Efficiency Directive provided the regulations for the energy performance requirements of…
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Boiler Repair Cover Plan

Boilers rarely require repairs, which is why having a damaged boiler can be quite frustrating. This is especially so because making arrangements to have a boiler repaired can be stressful, aggravating, and costly.

Boiler vs. Water Heater

  We all need hot showers during the cold season, and only two heating systems can get give us that. Some people use boilers, while others use water heaters. For a person who knows little about plumbing, both systems mean…
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