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Corgi Frequently Asked Questions

Corgi stands for the Council for Registered Gas Installers and is a UK body that provides assurance to customers that gas operatives who register with the council hold a certificate of competence under the Accredited Certification Scheme or ACS. It…
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Boiler Heat Exchanger Guidance

Updating heating systems with refurbished or new commercial boilers provides long-term economy and improved efficiency. Achieving a maximum return on investment is dependant on choosing the correct type of boiler heat exchanger to suit its location.

Building Repair Signs To Spot

Both commercial buildings and private properties start to wear out with time, either because of the weather, faulty construction or due to a shift in the foundation. Signs of wear might be seen on walls, doors, windows, floors, and roofs…
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What Is Mechanical Maintenance?

Mechanical maintenance services provide vital assistance to a range of industries and businesses to keep them operational. From large factories with high productivity rates to small corner shops, each one of them is reliant on the skills of highly-qualified mechanical…
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A Guide To Biomass Boilers

Biomass is any biological material sourced from living things such as plants. The biological material can be used directly through burning to release heat, or indirectly through conversion into different kinds of fuel like biodiesel, methane gas or ethanol. The…
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Advancements in Commercial HVAC

    Driven by new regulations for energy efficiency, the world of HVAC has been rife with innovation and new advancements in recent years. Newer HVAC systems are designed for efficiency. The new, cutting-edge commercial HVAC systems are also helping…
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