Commercial Boiler Breakdowns

Call ST Heating Services Ltd on 0161 279 0137 if you need assistance with commercial boiler breakdowns. Having to deal with this situation can be a massive nightmare for any business. Boiler breakdowns can be expensive, inconvenient and can potentially lead to a huge morale problem with members of staff. However, there are certain precautions which can be taken to ensure a commercial boiler faces minimal disruption and lasts for a long time.

In a business environment, a working boiler system is vital all year round and employers have a duty to their employees for maintaining the boiler’s functional operations for common welfare needs and any extra requirements specific to the company. This means there are several things that can be done to prevent problems from turning into breakdowns while also prolonging the lifespan of the boiler.

Insulate Pipes to Prevent Breakdowns

A common issue experienced with commercial boilers is the seizing of pipes when the temperatures are low. Condensate pipes often run outside the building and when they freeze up, the boiler can breakdown. Insulation of pipes can be done in different ways and is fast, straightforward and inexpensive to complete.

Ensure Radiators Heat Efficiently

Keeping the radiator at optimum performance minimises the strain on the boiler. A vital sign of radiator inefficiency is a coldness in some parts or all of the radiator and high boiler pressure. It indicates that the radiator does not fill up correctly. The issue can be fixed by bleeding the radiator to release the trapped air.

If the boiler pressure falls to extremely low levels, it can be topped up using the filling loop. However, it might be complicated if you are using an oil boiler. In such cases, contacting a certified plumbing and heating engineer is the best solution to handle your pressure issue.

Power Flushing the Central Heating

Rust, sludge and other deposits build up within the central heating system over time and can cause boiler breakdowns if unchecked. Power flushing involves pumping a cleaning solution through the system to remove these deposits. Cold radiators and unusual noises are some of the symptoms that your boiler might need a power flush. You also need to clean the system when a new condensing being installed.

Annual Servicing

Preventive maintenance and repair are necessary to prolong the life of your boiler. Ensure a qualified heating engineer checks the system annually to pick out the issues that might develop into more significant risks. Where commercial boiler repairs are necessary, ensure they are carried out by the Gas Safe Register engineers.

commercial boiler breakdowns

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Boiler Breakdowns: What To Do


If your boiler breaks down out of the blue, there are several checks you can do yourself before calling a professional. A boiler breakdown in winter can be particularly stressful for a business, so check out our guide to what you can do in the event of commercial boiler breakdowns.

General operation can make the boiler lose pressure, causing it to work inefficiently, or stop completely. Knowing what the pressure should be, watching the pressure gauge and topping it up when necessary may help to prevent future problems. If the boiler switches itself off, the radiators are making banging noises or those furthest away from the boiler are not heating up properly, the boiler might be low on pressure. Check the reading on the boiler’s pressure gauge and adjust if necessary. Reset the boiler if needed once the pressure has been adjusted and call a professional if you are still having problems.

A radiator that’s cold below but hot above signals that air is trapped in the boiler system and needs to be released. Bleeding a radiator helps to release this trapped air and causes the heat to be distributed more evenly. The system is thus able to operate better and will eventually lessen your energy consumption too.

If the weather has been very cold and your boiler won’t start or is making gurgling sounds, the condensate pipe may have frozen water in it. Simply pour some warm (not hot) water over the pipe to try to thaw the frozen pipe out. Do not use hot water as it could crack the pipe creating a bigger problem.

If there is an error message on your business’ boiler, it doesn’t fire up when it should or it comes on erratically, there could be a problem with the settings. If you have had a power cut or the control panel has been knocked accidentally, check that the central heating control is switched on. You can also check the thermostat settings to see if the temperature is correct. It should be set to at least 21℃ for the boiler to fire up.

If the pilot light has gone out, you can follow the instructions on the boiler to reset it. If you smell gas or the area near the pilot light has soot on it, you should call the emergency gas line. If the pilot light keeps going out, call a professional.

A regular visual check of a boiler for warning signs such as leaks, cracks, queer noises, black soot etc. can help to prevent major problems. Moreover, watching the flame is very important. A good flame is blue and strong, if a flame looks yellow or smoky there may be an issue in the system.

In many cases, boilers are tucked away in storage areas. Ventilation is very vital for a boiler to work well; therefore it is best to keep the area surrounding it free from dirt and clutter. The area should also be easily accessible. The same applies to external vents too; they need to be free from accumulation of debris and blockages.

boiler breakdownsInvest in Annual Service to Prevent Boiler Breakdowns

Even if all the parts seem to be running as they should, an annual service from a professional contractor can help to ensure the boiler is a cost-effective investment for the business. A boiler service done in September or October ensures that the boiler is working properly, is cleaned, inspected and geared up to withstand the strain of working throughout winter.

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Boiler Breakdown FAQs

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