Commercial Boiler Servicing

What is Involved during Commercial Boiler Servicing?

When you call our engineers for commercial boiler servicing in Manchester, here is what they will do:

  • Measure the gas flow and pressure of your boiler.
  • Inspect to determine if all seals are in good condition.
  • Test boiler controls, electrical wiring and switches to ensure everything is working perfectly.
  • Check if there are any leaks and corrosion on water and gas pipes.
  • Ensure the flue is functioning well.

Additionally, our heating engineers will do some cleaning in certain parts if required. If some parts of the boiler will need to be replaced or repaired, our engineers are fully equipped with spare parts. This allows them to solve any problem the same day without making another visit.

Carrying out a regular checkup on your boiler is essential; as it will help you notice any problem and solve it on time. The checkups also ensure that your boiler is running efficiently without any unexpected hitches. For all your industrial and commercial boiler heating and plumbing services, contact ST Heating Services Ltd. We also offer repair and maintenance services for your industrial and commercial boilers in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK.

Benefits of Choosing ST Heating Services Ltd

  • Available 24 hours a day

In most cases, problems such as heating, plumbing, and other emergencies happen unexpectedly. ST Heating Services Ltd is always available round the clock to attend to your needs.

  • We work with the best

ST Heating Services Ltd only hires engineers and plumbers who are qualified to perform any repairs and maintenance services to your boiler.

  • Very punctual

Once you make a call, our team of technicians will attend to you immediately. The team will show up at the agreed time required.

Benefits of Commercial Boiler Servicing in Manchester

Boiler servicing is one of the most overlooked things both in commercial and industrial sectors. However, it is essential to keep up with various issues before they escalate into huge problems.

Here at ST Heating Services, we specialise in commercial boiler servicing in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK for a variety of clients. Boiler servicing must be conducted by a professional and qualified engineer who is registered with the relevant authorities. When doing the annual inspection, they will run a test to know what is affecting the safe and efficient running of your boiler.

Why an annual Checkup is Important

When something needs to be fixed, make sure you catch it early enough. Once you conduct a checkup and realise everything is okay, you can comfortably wait for another year. Annual checking will save you from suddenly finding out that something in your boiler needs a replacement or repair.

To find out more about our commercial boiler servicing options, please call our heating experts on 0161 279 0137 or fill in your details below and we will get back in touch as quickly as possible.

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