How Does A Central Heating System Work?

Central heating systems produce heat by converting the chemical energy in fuel into heat radiation and transmitting the power to air, water, or steam, which then gets delivered around the building. Radiators and piping connecting to a boiler make up…
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Using The Gas Safe Register

What is a Gas Safe Register? The Gas Safe Register is the official and only gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers within the United Kingdom. It is the law for all gas businesses to be on the Gas…
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Gas Safe ID Cards Categories Explained

Any person carrying out work on domestic or commercial gas pipework or appliances must be on the Gas Safe Register by law. This requirement has been put in place to ensure that people and property are kept safe.

Gas Safety Checks – What To Know

Gas safety is important. A gas leak is extremely dangerous, causing illness with the added chance of fire or explosions. Hiring a Gas Safe engineer is critical to the maintenance of your commercial or industrial gas system.

Industrial Boilers FAQs

What Is An Industrial Boiler? An industrial boiler is a machine that generates steam by way of a series of heat exchangers that apply constant pressure and heat to a fluid that is vaporised. As it is a pressure vessel,…
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Who Are CORGI Gas

CORGI refers to the Council for Registered Gas Installers. It is charged with operating a voluntary cataloguing system for gas engineers in Manchester. For the period between 1991 to 2009, it was mandatory for all gas businesses and operatives within…
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Corgi Frequently Asked Questions

Corgi stands for the Council for Registered Gas Installers and is a UK body that provides assurance to customers that gas operatives who register with the council hold a certificate of competence under the Accredited Certification Scheme or ACS. It…
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