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Are you in need of a professional steam boiler repair service or inspection? In the UK, Steam Boilers need annual and 5-year insurance inspections.

As most steam boilers are operating continuously and are an integral part of the plant and machinery on site, these inspections need to be planned for any maintenance and boiler repairs that may need carrying out, being completed at the same time.

When a pre-insurance inspection is carried out, it may highlight repairs and upgrades that will need to be completed before the inspection.

Here, at ST Heating Services Ltd, we have many years’ experience working across many different types of industries for industrial boiler repair and maintenance throughout the North West, UK. This includes Biomass boilers as well as Vintage or modern types of boilers. Our industrial boiler servicing contracts are made to fit in with your bespoke requirements and we always aim to minimise any downtime or disruption to you.

Generally, the following areas need close attention:

  • Annual Insurance Inspection Preparation
  • NDT Insurance Inspection Preparation
  • Valve Overhauls and Certification service
  • Survey Check List
  • Drain boiler and flush water spaces
  • Remove man and mud doors
  • Open up fire and smoke passes removing all debris
  • Check operation of all adjustable door seals.
  • Strip steam and water mountings, grind in cock valves etc
  • Overhaul water gauge assemblies
  • Boilers inspected by competent person
  • Boiler reinstated with all disturbed seals, gaskets and packings renewed
  • Boiler raised to pressure and tested
  • All packing, seals, gaskets and consumables are included.
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Steam Plant Works Repair & Inspection

A steam boiler is described as a closed vessel that holds heated fluid. Normally, water inside the closed compartments is heated under very high temperature and pressure to produce steam. Steam is used in many industrial processes such as running of machines and cleaning services. The boilers are common in factories, steam locomotives and power plants.

ST Heating Services Ltd has the expertise and trained, experienced engineers which can ensure that the inspection and repair time is kept to the absolute minimum possible.

We also provide planned maintenance and ad hoc repairs to all types of steam boilers. Get in touch with our steam boiler repair specialists on 0161 279 0137 or send an email to with any queries.

What are the Different types of Steam Boilers?

Steam boilerThe industrial steam boilers are of different types and they are classified based on a number of characteristics. These include the type of circulation, type of firing, type of fuel, and arrangement of the vessel. Based on the type of firing, the major types include natural circulation boilers, zero circulation boilers and forced circulation boilers. Based on the type of firing, the steam boilers include incinerators, stoker-fired boilers, cyclone-fired boilers, down shot-fired boilers and pulverised coal-fired boilers. The steam boilers, based on the type of fuel, include oil-fired boilers, multi-fuel boilers, biomass-fired boilers and biomass-fired boilers. Lastly, based on the arrangement of the vessel, the steam boilers include drum boilers, closed couple, two pass, package boilers, top-supported boilers and bottom-supported boilers.

Why use the Steam Boilers?

Steam boilers are very important in powering machines in most industrial plants. For this reason, steam boiler repair is a common practice in plants where steam is used to power machines. Other than running the turbines, the steam generated from these boilers can be used in the following industrial functions:

What are the Major Components of the Steam Boiler?

  • To build construction materials such as moulded bricks.
  • In commercial cleaning activities since it’s effective in removing dirt and stains.
  • In the beer industries to heat mash and also clean bottles and barrels.

In general, all steam boilers are made of the following key components:

  • Burner Unit
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Control Unit
  • Heat Exchanger

Normally, the Burner Unit is where oxygen gas and fuel gets to mix before ignition takes place at the Combustion Chamber. The ignition rate is regulated by the Control Unit and the resulting heat is transferred to the steam vessel by the Heat Exchanger. Damage to any of these parts results in steam boiler repair.

What causes high pressure in a steam boiler?

Steam boiler repairs are the only solution to bring down high pressure in a steam boiler.

The most common cause of high pressure is leakage – typically from loose fittings, damaged packing and/or cracked pipe. Assuming that there were no problems with the installation and no substantial wear and tear, it might be caused by leaks or corrosion on piping, valves or gaskets.

Why is my steam boiler not turning on?

Pressure to the boiler is one of the most common reasons why a steam boiler won’t turn on. To test pressure, open up a faucet connected to your heating system and let water flow for 10 seconds. Listen near the boiler; if you hear whistling, it has enough pressure. You’ll also want to check all connections for leaks or blockages – If there’s not enough water coming through the wall valves, they may need back-flushing with vinegar solution (1 part vinegar/3 parts water). If that doesn’t clear them out, contact us at ST Heating and we will be happy to try and assist you further.

Overall, steam from the industrial boilers is important in running the industrial machines. Proper maintenance of the boilers and servicing is important if you want to get the best service from the vessels. It’s vital to consult a technician often for steam boiler servicing and repairs. Call us on 0161 279 0137 or email

To find out more about our steam boiler repair services or for any further enquiries, please fill in the enquiry form below and our team will be back in touch as quickly as possible.

Steam Boiler Maintenance Benefits from ST Heating Services:

  • Minimising the need for reactive maintenance.
  • Site plant performance reliability.
  • Cost savings across your site with energy efficiency improved.
  • Full support from skilled technicians with 24 hour emergency response.
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