Commercial Gas Boiler Flue Regulations

What is a commercial boiler?

A commercial boiler system is any system that heats water, which is used to warm buildings. The operations usually use natural gas fuel or burn fuel oil while others use electricity resistant coils. The systems either produce steam or water, depending on the process of heating. commercial gasAny boiler that is beyond 70 kW is a commercial boiler because domestic ones are below that size. The size of the boiler, however, mostly depends on the size of the building in which it is used. In simpler terms, a commercial boiler is used by more than one family, mostly an entire building, and the opposite is known as a domestic boiler.

What is a boiler flue?

A boiler flue is a pipe or a duct that is attached to gas boilers. The tube allows for waste gases that are produced during the heating process to leave the building safely.

Commercial Boiler Flue Regulations

Any boiler gas flue installation in the UK has to meet the following regulations;

  • All new boilers have to deliver the highest levels of energy efficiency
  • Newly installed commercial gas boiler flues need to have an ERP efficiency rating of at least 92 per cent of higher. This regulation is part of a more grand plan by the government in the UK to combat climate change. It is also meant to increase comfort levels in UK homes and lower the cost of energy bills.
  • The new highly efficient gas boiler flues have to meet the standards of efficiency that are recommended by the government. Failure to do so will be considered a crime.
  • All newly installed commercial gas boiler flues must come with a programmed timer as well as a thermostat. The thermostat will help owners to efficiently keep an eye on the heating and have more control over it. This is a feature that most boilers in the market already have. However, the regulations demand the element is a compulsory requirement for all boilers. The thermostat can be load compensating, weather compensating, and use smart technology.
  • The regulations also recommend the use of boilers with flue gas heat recovery systems. The systems allow for the boilers to produce the same amount of output while using less gas hence making them energy efficient.

Take Away

When hiring the best boiler flue installation company, consider one that is well aware of the commercial boiler flue regulations. Also, find a company with experience and know-how in the field.