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ST Heating Services Ltd supplies a range of heating and plumbing maintenance services in Manchester and the North West, including the installation and repair of commercial or industrial plumbing and heating systems. We take pride in every project or piece of work that we do from a small setup to a complete plumbing system installation, but we do more than just plumbing repairs and installations.

It is not uncommon for commercial or industrial premises owners to leave heating system maintenance for the last minute. In fact, most people don’t think about the servicing of their heating units until something starts to go wrong.

The issue with this is that a heating system may suffer more damage and, therefore, demand a lot of work or a replacement. Preventative maintenance offers a slew of other advantages that any homeowner will appreciate. ST Heating Services is the company to turn to when you need reliable and reasonably priced maintenance for your heating unit in Manchester and the North West.

We know the importance of keeping your equipment in a good working state so we also provide plumbing maintenance services. We provide plumbing system maintenance services for heating and plumbing equipment including all types of boilers, burners, warm air heaters, commercial or industrial boilers and heaters, oil tanks, heating cabinets, commercial catering equipment, pumps, piping and radiators. We offer the widest range of plumbing and heating maintenance and carry this out in both commercial and industrial environments.

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Plumbing and Heating Systems Maintenance Services

The regular maintenance of your plumbing and heating system and equipment is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, regular plumbing and heating maintenance are important for safety. These systems can involve gas, electricity and water, a combination that can be fatal if not looked after. Having items such as heaters, boilers, catering equipment and pipes checked for possible damage and for any boiler repairs that need carrying out ensures the safety of both yourself and the people in the building, and also the building itself.

In rented properties, places of business and areas where the general public go there are often legislations that insist on regular checks and maintenance. To avoid violating these legislations, a qualified heating expert or commercial plumber in Manchester ensuring your equipment is running safely is essential.

Lastly, many insurance companies insist on regular maintenance for boilers, heaters and catering equipment in order for the insurance to be valid. If there is a problem of any sort, an insurance company might not pay out should you have fallen behind on maintenance.

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ST Heating Services Ltd make safety their number one priority, which is most likely why we are recongnised as approved plumbing contractors for a wide range of establishments including the North West Government Prison Service, NHS North West Division, RFCA, TA North West & The Isle Of Man, Local North West Councils, schools, small and large businesses as well as local government departments in Greater Manchester and the North West, UK.

Our customer service is also second to none; our maintenance professionals will always be reliable and professional as well as friendly, polite and punctual. They can explain any issues with your systems or equipment during the maintenance and answer your questions.

If you need an expert in heating or plumbing maintenance in the North West or Manchester, domestic or commercial, get in touch. We are happy to explain the range of maintenance services we offer and give you a competitive quote. Please call 0161 279 0137 or send us an email at

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About ST Heating Services

ST Heating Services have the best solutions to your boiler, pipe, pump, LPG, plumbing or industrial heating problems. Please do not hesitate to contact ST Heating if you require any further information or to book a consultation or repair. We offer you a prompt and efficient repair and plumbing service, reducing the time that your boiler is out of commission. There is no boiler, pipe, pump or LPG repair that is too big or too small. Call ST Heating Services today for all your repair needs throughout Manchester and the North West.

Learn more about the benefits of heating system maintenance below.

The biggest motivation to insist on regular maintenance for your heating system is the energy savings that you can enjoy. Preventative heating system maintenance can offer significant savings when done right. A neglected heating appliance is one of the most common causes of inefficiency. Dirty filters, clogged pipes and dusty vents will interfere with the airflow in a heating unit, forcing it to work more to meet heating requirements. Defective components can also influence heating efficiency. Tuning up a heating system will eliminate these issues and ensure that the appliance is working optimally, saving energy. The lower the energy loss, the more savings you make.

Any cold temperatures, like in the winter seasons, will put your heating system under heavy usage increasing the risk of failure. Having it checked before the cold season begins is the best way of preventing breakdowns when heating is most needed. Regular maintenance will also prevent leakages that can reduce the effectiveness of the heating system, leaving you cold while accruing energy costs. Maintaining your heating system in good condition will also minimise disruptions to your business.

A poorly maintained heating system is bound to experience short circuits and gas leakages that could have disastrous results. Electrical systems can cause fires if some of the connections are not properly done.For instance, a short circuit that comes into contact with leaking gas could cause an explosion injuring people. A damaged heat exchanger can leak carbon dioxide and poison the occupants. Such a system poses risks to staff and customers.  You should arrange for a professional maintenance service that will detect all the faulty cables and pipes before they become a safety hazard. Qualified technicians will check every aspect of the system to guarantee that each component is working as it should, which reduces the risks of anything happening during operation.

Regular maintenance of a heating system is the equivalent of changing your engine oil every once in a while. It ensures that there are no defects that are compromising the quality of essential components because all the faulty parts are replaced promptly. The system will last longer saving you costly repairs and replacements.

UK laws require all businesses using heating systems to ensure that they are always in good condition. Conducting regular checks is one way of complying with laws on public safety. Moreover, most insurers require policyholders to mitigate against accidents that may damage property or injure workers. If you do not have proof of regular heating system maintenance, the insurer may refuse to compensate for damage caused by fire and other incidents related to the heating system.

ST Heating Services Ltd provides maintenance services for commercial heating systems to businesses in Manchester and most of the north. We handle all types of systems and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of your heating system. Contact us on 0161 279 0137 for further consultations on the type of heating system maintenance you need or email

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