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ST Heating Services Ltd specialise in new commercial and industrial boiler installation in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK. We cover all the major brands of boilers and take pride in every job that we do. Our Gas Safe engineers offer both commercial and industrial boiler installation services for all central heating and plumbing systems.

We can install any number of heating systems and items including boilers, burners, warm air heaters, commercial and industrial boilers and heaters, oil tanks, heating cabinets, commercial catering equipment, pumps, piping and radiators. Our experienced team of boiler engineers at ST Heating Services offer the best and most comprehensive plumbing services for commercial customers.

We know that looking for a heating expert or plumber in Manchester can be difficult which is why we are sure to reassure you that you are doing the right thing in choosing us. All of our heating and plumbing installation quotes are itemised and complete, so that you can see exactly what your money is going towards.

Boiler Installation

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Our quotes are always competitive but they also reflect value for money. We use the best quality materials that are built to last the test of time and the most experienced and qualified plumbers and heating specialists in Manchester. This gives you a better quality service that will stay fault free for longer, giving you peace of mind in your heating and/or plumbing system. To find out more information about our gas boiler installation service in Manchester or the North West as well as plumbing system installations, please call 0161 279 0137 or email us at

Professional Commercial Boiler Installations

If you are looking for new boiler installation services in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK then you’re in good hands with ST Heating Services. We are on the approved list of contractors for the NHS North West Division, North West Government Prison Service, RFCA, TA North West & The Isle Of Man, Local North West Councils, schools, small and large businesses and local government departments in Greater Manchester and the North West regions.

Our boiler installation work speaks for itself in terms of safety and quality which is why so many people are happy to approve and endorse us. We have a great track record for a high standard of work and craftsmanship.

We also have a reputation for great customer service. As our heating technicians will be coming to your premises or place of business, we make sure that you feel comfortable with us being there by being polite and respectful at all times. We are professional, punctual and are happy to explain what we are doing as well as how it will work, whilst we carry out the boiler installation services.

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Mohammed Aslam
Mohammed Aslam
13:49 25 Apr 18
Good compeny makes heat in house love heat!!!!
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson
13:28 25 Apr 18
my barcode is better then chris'
richard kirrki
richard kirrki
16:25 22 Sep 15
This company didn't keep their appointment, Then when they did turn up tried to charge me £360 for a job which... eventually got done for £50. I wouldn't go anywhere near this companyread more
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Boiler Installation Is Our Speciality

At ST Heating, our speciality is boiler installation. Whatever system you require we can offer a boiler installation service to both commercial and industrial customers. From basic boilers and burners to heating cabinets, commercial catering equipment, piping and radiators, each job is intricately quoted for and provides an itemised list for clarity of how your money will be spent.

If you need a heating specialist or plumber in the North West or Manchester for the installation of any part of your heating or plumbing system, whether that’s at home or on your business premises, get in touch. We would be happy to explain the range of services we offer and provide you with a competitive quote based on the best quality materials and workmanship. Please call our plumbing and heating experts on 0161 279 0137 or get in touch by email at with any queries. Alternatively, fill in your details below with any enquiries and our team will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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