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How Winter Can Affect Your Boiler

How to Keep Your Boiler Operating Normally During Winter Your commercial or industrial boiler does not work consistently throughout the year. Boilers are more likely to breakdown during the winter season since cold makes them to strain more. This is…
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Industrial Heating Systems Guide

A Guide for Industrial Heating Systems Whether you are running a factory or a warehouse, there is the option of heating the space to provide a suitable environment for workers and products produces and stored.

Gas Safety Checks – What To Know

Gas safety is important. A gas leak is extremely dangerous, causing illness with the added chance of fire or explosions. Hiring a Gas Safe engineer is critical to the maintenance of your commercial or industrial gas system.

Steam Boiler Guide

Steam boilers are a system that heats water to the boiling point, and the resulting steam goes on to warm various whatever is required of it. These kinds of boilers are particularly useful for heating due to the rapid nature…
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Why Choose NICEIC Contractors?

Building contractors should be able to stick to the current industry standards and relevant government regulations. Some will be able to successfully complete their training, but they will still have trouble working competently in the field. NICEIC assesses these contractors…
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Biomass Boiler Servicing

A Look at Biomass Boiler Servicing Biomass boilers represent some of the most environmentally friendly means of heating your property. While these modern units are highly efficient, the fact of the matter is that they will still need to be…
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Industrial Boilers FAQs

What Is An Industrial Boiler? An industrial boiler is a machine that generates steam by way of a series of heat exchangers that apply constant pressure and heat to a fluid that is vaporised. As it is a pressure vessel,…
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Who Are CORGI Gas

CORGI refers to the Council for Registered Gas Installers. It is charged with operating a voluntary cataloguing system for gas engineers in Manchester. For the period between 1991 to 2009, it was mandatory for all gas businesses and operatives within…
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