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Boiler Repair and Cover Plans

Boilers rarely require repairs, which is why having a damaged boiler can be quite frustrating. This is especially so because making arrangements to have a boiler repaired can be stressful, aggravating and costly.

Boiler vs. Water Heater

  We all need hot showers during the cold season, and only two heating systems can get give us that. Some people use boilers, while others use water heaters. For a person who knows little about plumbing, both systems mean…
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What Is A Modular Boiler?

Modular boiler systems are the best alternative to single large boilers, efficient for commercial heating. A modular boiler heating system is made of are separate modules arranged in a vertical or horizontal design.

How Winter Can Affect Your Boiler

How to Keep Your Boiler Operating Normally During Winter Your commercial or industrial boiler does not work consistently throughout the year. Boilers are more likely to breakdown during the winter season since cold makes them to strain more. This is…
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Industrial Heating Systems Guide

A Guide for Industrial Heating Systems Whether you are running a factory or a warehouse, there is the option of heating the space to provide a suitable environment for workers. If you are looking to increase workplace productivity, then consider…
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Gas Safety Checks – What To Know

Gas safety is important. A gas leak is extremely dangerous, causing illness with the added chance of fire or explosions. Hiring a Gas Safe engineer is critical to the maintenance of your commercial or industrial gas system.