What Does HVAC Mean?

Whether you are an aspiring industrial technician or view home improvement clips, you might have heard the acronym ‘HVAC.’ Home designers are the lot that clearly understands what HVAC means. Since you are interested in finding more about the acronym, this post will give you detailed information.

commercial heatingThe Meaning of HVAC

HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is a term used to refer to various systems, technologies, and machines used in interior settings such as offices, hallways, homes, and transportation systems that require environmental regulation to enhance comfort.

For instance, HVAC specialists are hired to come up with the right environment on a bus or subway. They can also get hired to repair, maintain, or install air-conditioning and heating systems in a new office or home that is under construction. The experts can also help install the systems to regulate the humidity within the workplace.

The Main Parts of an HVAC System

Up to this level, we believe that you know the meaning of an HVAC system let us look at its main parts.


The system’s main heating component can be an electric furnace/gas or even a heat pump. Both of them can also be used at the same time, and this is referred to as a dual fuel system. The furnace features burners and igniters that help heat the air, while the heat pump sucks warm air then brings it through the evaporator coil.


This is an integral part of the HVAC system, especially in commercial heating. This part encompasses all the important pieces for moving air and getting rid of excess moisture and harmful particles. The system features all air ducts, air vents, filters, and exhaust fans.

Air Conditioning

The main function of an air conditioner is to cool and monitor temperature through a thermostat. It can also be used to control humidity in an office or room. Most of the systems feature a split-system A/C, which implies that one part is outside, and the other is inside. The condenser and compressor are on the outside, while the expansion valve and evaporator are on the inside. With this arrangement, your HVAC system becomes an essential part of your health, home, and comfort. It is also important for commercial heating.

The Bottom Line

Now that you understand an HVAC system, you can go ahead and get one for your property or office. Note that highly skilled and certified experts must do the installation processes such as our highly qualified team of heating engineers at ST Heating Services.