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When it comes to getting work done on your property, you want to be sure the job will be completed safely and securely by professionals you can trust. This is the case for heating system maintenance as much as it would be for any other building work that you have done; hence why citation approved businesses should always be preferred to those that haven’t gone the extra mile, either for you or their contracted employees. You may be wondering what being citation approved actually means and why it matters so much?

Meeting Health & Safety standards

Citation approval is essentially a guarantee that the service you’re getting from a contractor has been certified by external health and safety professionals. Not only is this reassuring in terms of the quality of work provided to customers, it also reflects an employer that cares about the well-being and professionalism of those they employ.

Their reasoning may be more pragmatic of course; by seeking external citation approval, they cover themselves (and you) legally should anyone be involved in an accident though clearly the intention is that any potential accidents are identified beforehand and avoided. Related to this, and most importantly, contractors equipped with the additional experience and knowledge of Health & Safety standards are going to produce a better finished product that is far less likely to be faulty or break down during usage.citation approved

Quality Guaranteed

Heating is such a vital component of any property, especially in the winter months, that it can be one of the most inconvenient things to break down, making heating system maintenance a top priority. Plenty of people have had the unfortunate and frustrating experience of dealing with ‘cowboy’ contractors whose work simply doesn’t hold up when tested. Worse, this sort of half-baked work can turn out to be a danger to those it’s supposed to be helping. By choosing someone whose business has been externally approved using citation standards, you know you’re instead getting a full quality-guaranteed service.

Get a Citation Approved top quality service with us

At ST Heating Services Ltd, we are passionate about providing you with a fully citation approved service for precisely these reasons. When we provide any kind of heating maintenance to your home, we want it to last long term and serve you safely. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today with all of your commercial or industrial heating needs. Call us oin 0161 279 0137 or email

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