Does Your Boiler Need A Reset

Did you recently experience a boiler lockout but you have no idea what it means? This can be especially bad if it happens in the winter when you need it to work. It is especially common in older boilers. In such a case, you might need to contact a commercial boiler servicing to help you. However, it does happen in new ones too.

commercial boilersWhat exactly is it

The boiler lockout means that the boiler shuts down due to various parameters not working in the right way. This is a protective measure to avoid any major incidents. Modern boilers have a recent button and the manual will tell you where to press in order to restart it.

What Happens During a Lock-Out?

When it happens, the boiler shuts down and flashes an error code to tell you of a problem. Sometimes, the problem is easy to identify. For instance, it can lockout due to low pressure. In most cases, your manual will contain instructions on what might have caused it. Here are some of the things to check in case of a lockout.

Check the Pressures

If the pressure falls below one bar, it means that the pressure has to be increased. This is not easy to solve and you will be able to reset it once it is back to normal. However, this problem could get worse with time. It is important to get an expert to look at it to stop it from getting worse.

Inspect the Power

Look at the display to see if there is power going to the boiler. Sometimes, the fuse might have blown or someone switched off the power switch causing it to shut down.

Check Your Radiators

If the boiler switches on and then off, check if the radiators heat up or if they get warm and then stop. By knowing this, it saves you time when you call an expert.

Press your Reset Button

Simply press your reset button and see what happens. Will the boiler fire back up or does it refuse to work? In most cases, a simple reset button press is all it takes.

If you often have to press the reset button, this is time to call for a commercial boiler servicing. It might be a sign of other hidden problems. Always talk to an expert in order to rule out a safety issue. With proper maintenance, it can help to reduce such incidents.

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