Women Plumbers In The Industry

Plumbing is a profession that is associated with gender inequality. There are not many women plumbers in the industry today, and they only account for 2 per cent in the plumbing sector. However, a plumber fits and repairs the pipes,…
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Why Choose NICEIC Contractors?

Building contractors should be able to stick to the current industry standards and relevant government regulations. Some will be able to successfully complete their training, but they will still have trouble working competently in the field. NICEIC assesses these contractors…
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The Different Types of Plumbing

Ask most people what they think are the differences between domestic and commercial plumbers and the chances are most will say similar things, but in particular that they’re the same with the exception that commercial plumbers deal with larger buildings.

Kitten Saved by St. Louis Plumbers

How St. Louis Plumbers got a six-week-old kitten out of a pipe This week, we at ST Heating have learned about how an adorable kitten was saved in St. Louis. Where emergency services personnel had tried and failed, two heroic…
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