Industrial Boilers FAQs

What Is An Industrial Boiler?

An industrial boiler is a machine that generates steam by way of a series of heat exchangers that apply constant pressure and heat to a fluid that is vaporised. As it is a pressure vessel, an industrial boiler is in large part constructed from laminated steel, similar to that used for gas containers.

industrial boilersSterilisation

  • There is a wide range of application for heated and pressurised water vapour. For instance, hospitals make use an industrial boiler to sterilise medical instruments. Cafeterias that handle large volumes also use the heated steam from an industrial boiler to clean utensils, cups, plates, and trays.

Moving Viscous Materials

  • Moving Viscous Materials Industrial boilers are also used in the oil and gas industry to provide greater fluidity to slow moving heavy oils. Similarly, boilers are used in waste management facilities for effluent moving.

Thermoelectric Plants rankine cycle

  • Another prominent application of industrial boilers is in thermoelectric plants, where heat is used to produce electricity according to the principal of the rankine cycle.

What Should a Boiler Service Include?

Any boiler, whether it be an industrial, commercial, or even residential unit, should be serviced once a year. In fact, certified yearly maintenance is often required by the manufacture in order for the warranty to remain valid.

A proper boiler servicing and maintenance should include at least all of the following aspects:

  • Revision of all the gaskets and other seals.
  • Electrical connections and cables
  • Check that all controls and gauges are working properly
  • All piping and tubing (water and gas)
  • Uninterrupted gas and pressure flow
  • Internal components
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Safety components

A proper, certified annual boiler inspection will take hours to do properly. It may also be the case that any leaks need to be repaired, rust and corrosion needs to be taken care of, and certain components need to be taken out for cleaning and even replaced.

Is it Safe to Turn a Boiler Off?

As a general rule of thumb, it is not safe to turn of an industrial or commercial boiler. This is because many of the components are temperature sensitive. They can even freeze if switched off for days during the winter months.

Check to see if you’re boiler has an energy saving and/or anti-freeze mode

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