When Does A New Boiler Need Servicing?

Does your new boiler need servicing? Yes, it needs servicing. After the installation of your boiler, everything may be working correctly. However, the question of when you should have it serviced may still arise. So, when should a new boiler be serviced?

Boiler servicingWhy should you have your new boiler serviced?

  • With any new boiler, it is crucial to ensure that servicing is regular to help prevent any breakdowns or faults occurring and also to maintain its performance.
  • Boiler servicing in Manchester involve business insurance policies and warranties, where you’re required to complete a regular service to keep them in good condition.

But when should your first boiler service take place?

Annual Maintenance

  • When it comes to the first service, servicing your boiler should take place a year from the date of installation. However, some manufacturers may recommend 24 months from the installation date as acceptable.
  • During summertime, boilers are often not in full use as it would during the winter. Colder temperatures can prove to be troublesome for plumbing systems and central heating when it comes to boiler servicing in Manchester. It’s for these reasons that annual maintenance is best during the summertime. Furthermore, It’s good to ensure your boiler is in good working condition when the colder winter months arrive.

Falling Inefficiency

  • Any boiler will experience wear and tear over time, and parts can become worn or broken. As a result, it can lead to you not getting the needed heat, especially during winter. Additionally, it can also end up costing you more in electricity bills.
  • Getting faults and other problems such as sludge, rust and limescale build-up identified and fixed soonest will help you avoid larger expenses at a future point in time.

Servicing as a Preventive Measure

  • Don’t wait until when serious problems arise to have the boiler serviced, have it serviced annually. Annual servicing is sufficient to keep your boiler working smoothly and efficiently.
  • A boiler that isn’t efficiently running can cost you money, so ensure you get your boiler serviced irrespective of whether or not it’s new, or you are facing some problems with it.