Industrial Heating Systems Guide

A Guide for Industrial Heating Systems

Whether you are running a factory or a warehouse, there is the option of heating the space to provide a suitable environment for workers. If you are looking to increase workplace productivity, then consider investing in heating systems. Heating is an effective way of maintaining the correct temperature for different types of work; it makes workers more comfortable and can even prevent accidents by providing adequate protection against chilly weather conditions that could cause slips or falls on icy surfaces.

industrial heating systemsThere are two types of industrial heating systems are;

  • Warm air heating
  • Radiant heating by the use of radiation

Each of these two systems varies with characteristics and functionality and you need to look into them before choosing the system that is appealing to you. Here is a handy guide on the industrial heating systems.

Warm air heating

This is a rather sophisticated heating system that utilises fans which draw in air into a heat exchanger. As the air blows into the air heat exchanger, it is heated and distributed evenly throughout the space. Warm air heating works well in spaces where a constant or even temperature across the room is required. Heat source here can be an oil-fired burner, gas or even heated water circulated through the heat exchanger, which in most times comes from a boiler or heating plant that is centrally located.

These heaters are installed over the space by mounting them on the roof or walls. Some models stand on the floor and use either nozzle to direct the heated air to different places of the space or connected to a duct to distribute the warm air over a large surface area.

Under warm air heating, there are other forms of industrial space heating which include;

  • Air rotating heating
  • Destratification heating

Air rotating heating system

Air rotation heaters that are free-standing and use high-efficiency axial fans move a lot of air throughout the space where the temperatures are low.

Destratification heating system

As you do warm air heating, some of the air will inescapably rise to the building top which wastes energy. Here, the warm air is combined with destratification fans that return air from the roof to the industrial space.

Radiant heating

Radiant tubes suspended from the roof are used when it comes to radiant heating though there are some isolated cases where radiant plaque heaters produce the radiant heat. When using either of the two, the heat emission is in the form of infrared radiation. The infrared heat radiation gets to people and other products and objects in industrial space without heating the air directly. As a result, the air temperature in radiant heated industrial space is lower than in a space heated by warm air heating.

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