Choosing A Light Commercial Boiler

Tips to Buy The Best Light Commercial Boilers

With so many light-commercial boilers in the market, it’s challenging for one to choose the right one for the job. A boiler is a common heating system that is very useful especially for older houses located in colder regions like the Northeast of UK. Boilers are used to heat and distribute hot water and steam to rooms through pipes in the house. But how do you choose to purchase the right type of boiler when you want to make a boiler replacement?

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Types of boilers

  • Gas-fired Boilers: propane or natural gas fuel are highly efficient sources of fuel for this type of boilers.
  • Oil-fired boilers: these boilers are commonly used in areas where natural gas is limited. When you purchase an oil-fired boiler, you will have to get oil and store it in a tank. Additionally, consider that the operating costs will rise and fall depending on the price fluctuation of oil.
  • Electric boilers: this is a highly efficient boiler that is not economical because of the high cost of operation. A heat pump is recommended for electric heating.

In most cases, light-commercial boiler models have power output ranging from 40 to 70 kW. They are suitable for many commercial applications which don’t require high powering. From hairdressers and doctors to restaurants, the light-commercial heating sector remains buoyant with unending applications. However, choosing the best light-commercial boiler is still an overwhelming task, especially if it’s for a sector you are unfamiliar with. Below are five tips to assist you in your selection.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency should always be a top factor, whether your focus is to reduce carbon emissions or to cut down fuel bills. It may cost less to operate a gas-fuelled boiler compared to an oil-fuelled one if the price of heating oil is high. But the choices of fuel type depends on what is available in your location. As a matter of concern, all local authority buildings such as libraries and other community centres that fall under the revised Display Energy Certificates should install energy-efficient light commercial boilers. To attain this, one must determine the correct size of the boiler needed. The amount of heat and hot water needed should be determined from the outset to achieve maximum efficiency.


The size of the boiler is also as crucial as its efficiency. A small boiler will not work efficiently. If it is huge, it will be expensive to heat up your house. Work with professionals at ST Heating Services who can help you identify the right boiler size and type. The calculation that professionals at ST Heating Services will do will take into account the insulation values, foundation thickness of the walls of the house, the air filtration, windows, and others. The usability and efficiency of a boiler can be improved by using ancillary or on-board controls. Zone controls are mostly used in buildings with separate areas that need to be heated differently. Worth noting, modern commercial boilers have inbuilt weather-compensation controls to regulate the heating system depending on the surrounding temperature.

Boiler Dimensions

The size and location of the boiler determine which model to buy. Before buying any commercial boiler, have the accurate maximum dimensions at hand. This ensures the size of the boiler will fit in the planned location. Consider wall-hung boiler models for a simple and neat installation. Alternatively, use floor-standing models for old and unstable walls. Modern floor standing models are developed to fit into the most compact spaces, thanks to the small footprints. Lastly, consider using light, compact, and easy to handle boiler models.


Boiler replacement increases the total cost of your boiler. Therefore, select the best boiler that has a good reputation and total value. Also, when seeking boiler replacement services, use the UK’s best heating service provider. Select a boiler with high-efficiency, good value, and one that meets your needs. As you shop around, be on the lookout for discounts, it might be your lucky day!


Often, boilers with longer warranty are a good indication of better quality. Generally, products with extended warranty show manufacturer’s confidence on the quality offered. Not only do you shop without the fear of buying a sub-standard product, but also give installers a peace of mind when handling boilers with extended warranty. Read the small printings on the warranty to ensure you agree to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

For more guidance on how to purchase the right boiler or make a boiler replacement, seek the services of ST Heating Services for regular commercial heating and plumbing services in North West, UK.

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