What Is A Modular Boiler?

Modular boiler systems are the best alternative to single large boilers, efficient for commercial heating. A modular boiler heating system is made of are separate modules arranged in a vertical or horizontal design.

commercial boilerThe modular boiler systems are the most efficient commercial boilers and other non-domestic buildings. The heating systems are reliable, safe, and efficient to use. Moreover, they offer long term durability, scale of economies, flexible boiler room design, and save on energy cost.

How Do Modular Boilers Work?

Modular boilers offer a secure and efficient approach to heating solution. The system consists of stacks of small modules that work in tandem with each other to function as a single large boiler. Each module in the system generates a percentage of the total system load. One master controller delivers variable levels of steam. Modern modular boilers are developed with space maximisation design, ideal for buildings trying to make the best use of their small space. Modular boilers have low-volume pressure vessel that delivers high steam capacity like the conventional boiler systems.

Each Module Works In Tandem With Each Other

Every modular boiler form ST Heating Services has its own burner that enables modules to work as one unit systematically. The key benefit of this design is that in case one module breaks down, the other modules continue to function normally, delivering enough steam. There is no downtime during maintenance and repairs.

Rotating boilers are more durable than conventional heating systems. Each module can be alternated depending on workload to reduce friction, thus slowed wear and tear. Also, technicians rotate the units to perform repairs without shutting down the boiler system. This feature makes modular boilers worth investing in to save precious operation time.

Advantages Of Modular Boilers

Easier To Install

Modular boilers are easier to handle physically during transport and installation. Modular boilers can be installed alongside the existing conventional boilers. Vertically stacked modular boiler systems standing on a 1 square metre floor can deliver up to 1MW output. Also, ST Heating Services Ltd assists in attaining smooth changeover from existing heating systems in retrofit projects throughout the North West UK. Modular boilers are the best commercial boilers for use in schools, companies, health sectors, and other business entities.

Increase System Security

In cases of breakdown, other modular boilers continue heating sufficiently. Modules are easily accessible during repairs. The risk of interruption is averted.

Load Matching And Control

By the use of a sequence controller, modular boilers can be operated uniformly to ensure every module matches the load required by the building. It ensures each module operates in its most efficient state. As a result, modular boilers reduce operating costs while saving on energy.

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