Understanding Boiler Pressure

Boiler pressure which is either too high or too low can result in a boiler breakdown. Having neither heating or hot water is never a fun experience and is why it is worthwhile to understand the role pressure plays within industrial boilers.

Checking Boiler Pressure

boiler pressureHeating systems tend to be sealed and the boiler pressure relates to the balance of water and air within this sealed system. Ideally the pressure reading should be between 1 and 2 bars and you should monitor this on the boiler’s pressure gauge every now and then as stable pressure maintains efficiency. Most gauges on a boiler have dials with red zones at either end of the scale to indicate any problem with the pressure. A boiler with an LCD screen may flash to indicate an issue instead.

Low Boiler Pressure

If the gauge on the boiler drops below 1 the pressure is too low. Most likely you would be aware of the problem anyway as low pressure can see you without hot water and heating or your radiators failing to fully heat up. A problem with low boiler pressure is not normally a safety issue but needs addressing quickly for the sake of comfort and convenience. The main reasons a boiler loses pressure are:

  • A leak in the system, which may only be small but enough to gradually drop the pressure to the point the boiler shuts down.
  • When bleeding radiators has removed water or air from the system and caused the pressure to fall.

High Boiler Pressure

At the opposite end of the scale when boiler pressure is too high the system will also shutdown, leaving you without heating and hot water. To prevent damage water may be automatically released through a pressure valve. Causes of high water pressure include:

  • Faulty boiler part
  • Too much water added to overcome a low boiler pressure issue
  • Filling valves accidentally left open, allowing more water to enter the system

ST Heating Services Ltd For All Your Plumbing Needs

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