Gas Safety Check vs. Maintenance

Homeowners generally undertake annual boiler maintenance to improve the efficiency of their boilers and carry out any remedial work that may be required. The maintenance is often carried out in accordance with the prescribed instructions of the boiler manufacturer.

On the other hand, an annual gas safety check is a different process designed to ensure that gas fittings, appliances, chimneys and flues are in safe condition.

Legal Requirement

boiler inspectionAn annual gas safety check is a legal requirement specified under the gas safety regulations for Landlords letting out their properties to third parties. A Homeowner is not legally required to carry out gas safety checks provided the property is not shared with third parties such as lodgers or live-in staff but there is often some confusion, especially in the minds of Landlords who erroneously assume that a maintenance service is adequate to satisfy the legal requirement for annual gas safety checks. This is not so, and while an annual gas safety check is compulsory and required by law, it does not replace the need for adequate boiler maintenance.

Boiler Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that the boiler continues to function without interruption. A minor damage may eventually lead to a major breakdown if not detected early. A programme comprising of periodic inspections and necessary repairs should be put in place to prevent service interruptions. Where manufacturers’ specific instructions are not available, routine maintenance work should at least include the physical inspection of the appliance and pipework to detect any damage. This will be followed by performance tests to ensure that the system is functioning safely. Remedial action should be taken to correct any detected faults.

Only registered gas safe specialists can inspect or repair a gas boiler. It is essential to engage the services of certified practitioners to do the job. ST Heating Services Ltd have a team of professional engineers who have established an excellent reputation for boiler servicing in Manchester area and all over the North West of the UK.

Gas Safety Checks

Gas safety checks should also be carried out by gas safe engineers who will provide the Landlord with a Gas Safety certificate. This record should be made available to current tenants within 28 days of the check. New tenants should normally receive a copy at the time their tenancy commences. It is expedient to carry out a maintenance service at the same time with the gas safety check to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Annual boiler service should be undertaken by a professional maintenance service. Property owners in the North West of the United Kingdom looking for boiler servicing in Manchester area should contact a reputable service such as ST Heating Services Ltd for their industrial and commercial heating requirements.