Commercial Plumbing Systems Basics


The Basics of Commercial Plumbing Systems

Plumbing consists of the pipes, valves, vents, and other fixtures in a building that begins where the building meets the main public water supply, and ends where the building’s fittings meet the municipal sewage system. Plumbing is simply the internal system that distributes water through a building. The basics of any building’s plumbing consist of three inter-dependent systems: water supply, waste water drainage, and a vent system.

Supply Lines

The supply lines fulfil the more straightforward function of bringing water from the main local supply at ground level to sinks, heaters, toilets and other appliances throughout the building. The water in these supply systems are guided by pressure provided by water towers or local pumping stations that forces the water along all the way to the taps in our sinks, where a turn of the valve lets loose, or interrupts, the flow of water.

Waste Lines and Vents

Water waste lines on the other hand function for the most part through the effects of gravity, with water draining unaided from sinks and tubs down into septic tanks and sewers outside the building, though occasionally pressure can also be used to motivate the movement of waste water, particularly fromcommercial plumbing services toilet systems or drains that are below ground level. Finally, systems of vents, with S and P pipes, allow the safe direction and release of toxic gases that form in empty pipes. These gases are often directed to vents located on rooftops, where they can be dispersed safely with little offence to passers-by.

Common Plumbing Problems

Many of the problems that can occur in plumbing systems occur in the draining system, and the most common problems can be prevented by ensuring nothing goes down the drain that shouldn’t. With drainage systems often powered by nothing but gravity, water passing through the system will struggle to bypass an obstacle or blockage.


If attempts at a solution like drain cleaners fail to fix drainage issues it’s a good idea to promptly call in a plumber – the longer plumbing issues are ignored the more risk there is of damage to the plumbing system. With expert advice and trusted plumbing services in Manchester, consider ST Heating Services Ltd, specialists in both commercial and industrial boiler heating and plumbing systems. ST Heating Services specialise in the servicing, repair, and maintenance of boiler heating systems and other plumbing services in Manchester and throughout the North West.