Boiler vs. Water Heater


We all need hot showers during the cold season, and only two heating systems can get give us that. Some people use boilers, while others use water heaters. For a person who knows little about plumbing, both systems mean the same thing due to their similar functionality.

Boilers vs. Water HeatersThey indeed perform the same function, but their difference is how they do it and their features. If you have not yet installed any of them in your property, it is worth learning the differences between the two before making that purchase decision. You can also use the services of ST Heating Services if you need industrial boiler or commercial boilers repair and maintenance services in Manchester and all of North West UK.

The Heater

As its name implies, a water heater heats water that you need to shower or for home chores such as laundry. They come in different models such as conventional water heaters, hybrid water heaters and tankless water heaters.

The heater works by taking water from a supply pipe, heating it and then storing it at the same temperature. Unlike boilers, the water in a heater’s tank will only get out if you open a tap or a connected cloth washer. The process is also continuous because the supply tap continues refilling the tank once water is drawn.

The Boiler

Just like water heaters, boilers are available in both tanked and tinkles versions. The huge difference is that they come with a storage tank and work by turning water into steam.

Boilers heat water very quickly turning it steam and then distribute the steam throughout the house for heating purposes. You can use the steam to warm bathing water or your showers cost-effectively. Boilers are considered efficient because of their closed-loop system.

Through this system, the water keeps on circulating in the system after heating the property. Boiling the water the second time is easier because it is already warm.

The Difference

The main differences between a water heater and a boiler are that water heaters stores water heats it and then supplies while the boiler turns water into steam and steam produces the required heat.

Water heaters also feature simple controls and can only heat small spaces but boilers, on the other hand, have complex pumps and systems and can heat an entire house, tub or pool.

Note that the installation of both commercial boilers and heater systems requires professional companies such as ST Heating Services.

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