Best Time for a Boiler Health Check? This Week!

Wish to give your boiler a health check? This summer could be the best time
At this time of writing, temperatures of 25°C are being recorded around our base in Swinton. With the warm weather, there could be no better time to give your industrial boiler a health check. Why is this week and the rest of the summer months a good time? Here’s why.

steam boiler health check image

The Little Chieftain boiler.

Firstly, due to the warmer weather, demand for heating is obviously at its lowest. Instead of central heating, you are most likely to put the air conditioning unit on. Secondly, with productivity quieter in the summer months (due to staff holidays), the likelihood of affecting production is less damaging than, say late March.

Therefore, the best time for a boiler health check is when you least need to put the heating on. In the midst of winter, a failing boiler is the last thing you need. It is best to act now.

We at ST Heating Services not only install boilers. We also offer repair services, and our boiler health check comes in the form of planned maintenance works. All inspections and health checks will be undertaken at a time to best suit your business.

Once we’ve undertaken our preventative maintenance works, your boiler will be ready for the year ahead. You can contact us for a one-off health check or hire us for a boiler maintenance contract. We can also offer advice on improving your boiler’s energy efficiency. All quotes are free and on a no-obligation basis.

If you have any further queries on our boiler maintenance services and health checks, give us a call on 0161 279 0137. Or you could send us an email via We’ll be delighted to help you.