What Does a System Maintenance Plan Include?

Your System Maintenance Plan from ST Heating: what’s included?

Picture this: then let us help you avoid it. What’s the worst case scenario when it comes to your heating? Did you think “Heating breaking down just as the first cold spell of autumn or winter kicks in”?

At ST Heating Systems, not only do wenew prefabricated rigs aim to offer the best in heating equipment and a first rate installation service, but also the security that means you won’t have to face the “nightmare before Christmas” heating scenario that we all want to avoid.

The key to this is very simple: a regular plumbing and heating system maintenance programme. We’ll help you understand what’s involved and why you should make it part of your standard procedures, whether you’re a domestic or commercial client.

A maintenance plan: why do I need one and what’s included?

First and foremost, you need to have the security of knowing that if something goes wrong, you can call on specialists in that type of system to attend promptly. Our experienced heating engineers have expertise in the full range of oil, gas, LPG and dual fuel systems. You can have confidence in that because we provide services to some of the biggest contractors in the north west, including councils and educational establishments. We provide not only system maintenance but boiler installation and a full range of plumbing services and after-sales support.

Maintaining your system with safety in mind

A maintenance plan is about keeping you warm and comfortable, but it’s also about safety. Our skilled and qualified engineers understand every aspect of your equipment, carry spares, and can often advise in advance if part of the system is likely to need replacing before the next scheduled visit. Ignition switches, filters and other parts of the system need regular cleaning, too. Pressure adjustments, thermostat calibration and testing of electrical components can all be done at the same time.

Regular maintenance: your cost-effective insurance against break-downs

Regular maintenance visits can actually assist in keeping your equipment functioning better over a longer period of time. That can help save you money as well as helping you avoid the hassle of broken-down heating, for however temporary a period. Maintaining your heating system might be crucial if ever you need to make an insurance claim, too, something that not everyone considers. We take pride in knowing our experience will save you time, trouble and money.

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