How Important is Quality Plumber Week?

Why the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors’ Quality Plumber Week (03 – 09 October 2016) will benefit our industry

Quality Plumber Week heating engineer.

If you can stand the heat… becoming a heating engineer can be a rewarding career choice. Image by Speedkingz (via Shutterstock).

Without heating engineers, we would all be left in the cold. Literally. As for hot water and central heating, you could forget that if heating engineers didn’t exist. Not only that, our homes wouldn’t be as energy efficient as they should be. In a bid to improve the attractiveness of our profession, there is an annual event known as Quality Plumber Week, which covers plumbers and heating engineers.

In its third year, Quality Plumber Week aims to raise the awareness of plumbing and heating related trades. Organised by the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC), this year’s theme focuses on the importance of properly trained, qualified, and accredited contractors. The reason? To clamp down on the cowboys, which have besmirched the good name of our profession.

Though technology has a role to play in air conditioning and heating systems, we still need fitters and installation engineers. In APHC’s survey, this may have seen a change in attitude towards apprenticeships and training programmes. 86% of those surveyed for this year’s Quality Plumber Week said they would rather see school leavers taking an apprenticeship instead of considering Higher Education.

There is concrete evidence of changing attitudes. In England and Wales last year, 5,500 candidates applied for plumbing apprenticeships. Plus, 74% of those surveyed favour stricter enforcement of building regulations. 69% of those surveyed think that customers willing to cut corners. This is exactly the same percentage as those who noticed areas of non-compliance whilst on site visits.

The Chief Executive of APHC, John Thompson said: “Quality Plumber Week is once again uniting plumbers to showcase the world-class professionals we have working to keep up with our demand for fresh, clean water on tap and instant heat at our fingertips.

“The perception of plumbers and plumbing, as well as trades in general, appear to be making positive strides and we’re encouraged by the numbers of young people recognising the benefits of a career in the industry.”

We at ST Heating Services are proud of our industry and how it has changed with the times. In living memory, some people remember the days of coke-based ‘town gas’. Or finding change for the gas meter. Technology has taken more of a hold. In future years, energy sources will come and go, but there is one thing that will never change. A comfortable home or a well-ventilated workplace.