Energy Efficiency for Boilers

boiler efficiencyWhy an efficient boiler is a better choice?

Boilers are responsible for almost 60% of the energy costs of a household. So lowering your heating bills is the primary reason why an efficient boiler is a better choice. A boiler is considered efficient based on its SEDBUK rate. And the UK government recommends that any boiler installed must have an energy efficiency of 88% or above. But before choosing a boiler, it is important to understand what is the SEDBUK rating and how much you can save with an efficient equipment.

What is the SEDBUK rating?

SEDBUK is an acronym for “Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK”. This rating measures the energy efficiency of a boiler taking into account its capacity to convert fuel to heat, under conditions such as the UK climate, typical domestic usage patterns, types of boilers and heating controls. The ranking goes from A to G, where highly efficient boilers are given an A rate. The percentage represents the proportion of consumed fuel that a boiler can convert in heat.

  • A (90% or above)
  • B (86% – 90%)
  • C (82% – 86%)
  • D (78% – 82%)
  • E (74% – 78%)
  • F (70% – 74%)
  • G (below 70%)

How much can you save?

An efficient boiler (A or B rate) produces less CO2 and more heat with the same amount of fuel when compared to low rated ones. Even though the boiler installation requires an initial investment, the economy per year for a product that will last for approximately 15 years makes it worthy. So see below how much you can save on energy bills per year when you replace a low-performance boiler for a highly efficient boiler:

  • when replacing a D rated boiler you may save up to £110
  • when replacing an E rated boiler you may save up to £125
  • when replacing an F rated boiler you may save up to £145
  • when replacing a G rated boiler you may save up to £210

Get help from experts

Now that you know how important it is to have a highly efficient boiler, this will certainly be one of your criteria when choosing a boiler. But there are many other details such as fuel, boiler types and prices that can fit your budget. As we know, your time is precious and you wish to find a boiler that meets the necessities of your household, so why not get help from the experts of the ST Heating Services? This experienced team of commercial gas engineers can provide you with a variety of high-quality services such as boiler repairs, boiler installation, steam boiler repair, plumbing and system maintenance. We are ready to give you the heating solution you are looking for.

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