Boiler Breakdown Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody wants to experience boiler breakdowns which can be inconvenient and expensive at the same time. This article provides some boiler breakdown answers for some of the most frequently asked questions we are often asked at ST Heating Services Ltd. See below for further information or call us on 0161 279 0137 for assistance.

Boiler Breakdowns - FAQS

boiler breakdowns

What Does Boiler Breakdowns Mean?

Boiler breakdowns mean that there is a difficulty with your boiler that means it is not working properly. There are several boiler problems that can occur at any time which can cause boiler breakdowns. Some of the main boiler problems are boiler won’t heat water, boiler making strange noises or boiler leaking. A catastrophic boiler breakdown means that the pressure of the steam in its pipes has exceeded an operational limit and discharged into its containment vessel or environment with the contents. The result is unsafe build-up of carbon monoxide and other explosive gas before an automatic safety valve closes to protect repair workers who must manually bleed off excess pressure safely without further trauma occurring.

What is the biggest cause of boiler breakdowns?

The most common reason for boiler problems is due to boiler becoming dirty and blocked up. Old age can also lead to the boiler becoming rusty and corroded. The cold weather creates a lot of condensation that can ‘dirty’ your boiler and boiler pipes. This then causes the boiler to work harder and over time, boiler problems can occur. High usage often results in things like scale build-up (which deplete the efficiency of the boiler), pipe clogging/leakage (which reduces or blocks hot water pressure to an area), corrosion which makes it difficult for fluids to circulate properly (leading to cracks that cause leaks) and many other issues.

two leading causes of boiler breakdowns are the improper installation and the use of undersized or damaged equipment.
When a new boiler is installed improperly, it can be to close to structures like walls and support columns. When this happens, it does not allow for proper venting and fumes may seep out into the premises. Alternatively, if the installer allows for access panel ports that are too small there may be insufficient air flow which may lead to corrosion or overheating that could impact operation to such an extent as fire hazards.
Boiler maintenance needs should include periodic checks on air vents and pressure relief valves because problems with these prevent pressures from building up when water continues flowing when drainage stops. They also insure that automatic shutdown mechanisms are in place.

What do boiler breakdowns cost?

The costs of boiler breakdowns will depend on the type of boiler you have e.g. combi boiler or standard boiler, steam boiler or hot water boiler. Many factors contribute to boiler breakdowns besides just the boiler itself, such as fuel quality and water quality, that’s why it is so hard for us to say what your cost will be without knowing all of these things. Boiler breakdowns can be based on the boiler location, boiler age and boiler fault. If your commercial or industrial boiler has had a breakdown and you are looking for further information, please call us on 0161 279 0137 or email

What are some of the boiler faults?

The main boiler faults are boiler won’t heat water, boiler making strange noises or boiler leaking. These three problems account for about 50 percent of all boiler breakdowns. Other common boiler faults can include low boiler pressure, radiator problems, frozen pipes or no pilot light on.

What is the boiler warranty on boiler breakdowns?

The boiler warranty depends on boiler type you have e.g. combi boiler or standard boiler with a boiler replacement as well as whether your boiler was installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer and also what level of cover your boiler warranty provides.

What's the first step to boiler breakdowns?

The boiler should be switched off as soon as possible if it is making strange noises or leaking, this will prevent further damage being caused to your boiler. If it is not known why boiler problems are occurring then a boiler engineer should be contacted for assistance in diagnosing boiler faults.

Is a broken down boiler an emergency?

Dealing with a broken boiler can be stressful and time consuming but ST Heating Services can help with all types of boiler breakdowns if you are based in the Manchester and North West, UK. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer boiler repair and boiler replacement services.

Who do you call when your boiler breaks?

A boiler engineer will be able to diagnose the boiler problems that you may be experiencing. If you notice strange noises coming from your boiler or it is leaking then you should turn off the boiler as soon as possible and then call a boiler engineer to come out and repair it.

In many cases boiler breakdowns can be sorted without your boiler needing an emergency boiler service so you should try calling ST Heating Services first rather than calling out an emergency boiler service as this will cost more money.

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