Boiler Breakdowns: What To Do

If your boiler breaks down out of the blue, there are several checks you can do yourself before calling a professional. A breakdown in winter can be particularly stressful for a business, so check out our guide to what you can do in the event of commercial boiler breakdowns.

Low pressure

boiler breakdownsIf the boiler switches itself off, the radiators are making banging noises or those furthest away from the boiler are not heating up properly, the boiler might be low on pressure. Check the reading on the boiler’s pressure gauge and adjust if necessary.

Reset the boiler if needed once the pressure has been adjusted and call a professional if you are still having problems.

Frozen condensate pipe

If the weather has been very cold and your boiler won’t start or is making gurgling sounds, the condensate pipe may have frozen water in it. Simply pour some warm (not hot) water over the pipe to try to thaw the frozen pipe out. Do not use hot water as it could crack the pipe creating a bigger problem.

Boiler and thermostat settings

If there is an error message on your business’ boiler, it doesn’t fire up when it should or it comes on erratically, there could be a problem with the settings. If you have had a power cut or the control panel has been knocked accidentally, check that the central heating control is switched on. You can also check the thermostat settings to see if the temperature is correct. It should be set to at least 21℃ for the boiler to fire up.

Pilot light

If the pilot light has gone out, you can follow the instructions on the boiler to reset it. If you smell gas or the area near the pilot light has soot on it, you should call the emergency gas line. If the pilot light keeps going out, call a professional.

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