What is a Cold Water Booster?

If you are looking for commercial plumbing, a cold water booster is an excellent solution. With a commercial grade cold water booster, your pipes will stay warmer and the temperature of the water pressure in your home or commercial property can be easily regulated. This blog post discusses everything you need to know about what is a cold water booster, including how it works and why we recommend them here at ST Heating Services Ltd.What is a Cold Water Booster

In commercial or domestic premises, getting water from one outlet to the other can be a challenge. This is where our cold water booster comes in! The device allows you to get clean, cold water from one central point and distribute it throughout your property through various outlets. It’s great for commercial properties with lots of outlets, such as hotels and restaurants, as well as large homes that are difficult to access due to their position on the plot.

Cold water boosters are commercial plumbing systems that can be used to supply cold water to a large number of outlets. They are typically installed in commercial properties but they can also be installed on domestic premises.

How Does A Booster Set Work?

A commercial grade cold water booster works by cooling the mains-fed hot water. It does this using a heat exchanger, which can be installed in either your main feed tank or at the furthest point from it (in order to reduce any residual effects). A commercial grade cold water booster should be capable of supplying all commercial outlets with cold water. A booster set pumps directly from a pressurised main (rather than a tank) to provide the pressure with a genuine boost within the mains water infrastructure. To ensure an uninterrupted supply in the event of a pump failure, many booster sets include a back-up or standby pump.

Benefits of Using a Cold Water Booster:

Cost savings – no need for expensive piping work

Ease of installation – no need for digging down into the ground or installing valves etc., just plug it in and away you go!

Water quality – because the system relies on the mains supply, chances are it will be in much better condition than that which you have currently.

Peace of mind – commercial plumbing is stressful enough without the added worry about what your water quality will be like.

If you have any questions regarding which product to use, please contact us and we will be happy to help you select the best option for your application. Call our plumbing experts at ST Heating on 0161 279 0137 or email info@stheatingservices.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you with any queries.