What a Boiler Inspector Does

When inspecting a commercial or industrial boiler, what does a boiler inspector do? They check the pressure related vessels as well as their responsibilities to check the safety of the individual equipment, to ensure that all the boiler systems are current with all safety requirements. A typical day for an inspector includes inspections of boilers and other heating units in office buildings during cold weather months, but they also inspect boilers on oil rigs and power plants.

boiler inspectionAlthough the job is not as dangerous as it used to be, there are still risks involved in working on and around hot equipment. A boiler inspector has a set of responsibilities that includes commercial and industrial boiler services such as:

  • Checking for proper operation and safety devices.
  • Reporting all hazardous conditions or deficiencies.
  • Conducting routine maintenance inspections.
  • Working with contractors who might cause¬†damage to the boiler.
  • Inspecting for carbon monoxide detectors and/or smoke detectors when necessary.
  • Keeping records of inspections, tests, repairs made to equipment.

An inspector in a large boiler plant or power station might inspect more than 100 boilers during the course of a year, while an office building may only have five or six units that need inspection. Inspectors look at all aspects of the system, including whether or not it meets current safety requirements. It is important that the commercial and industrial boiler systems are checked for any potential hazards or safety violations.

Other than the inspection tasks being carried out by a boiler inspector, they may also look at policing and enforcement in boiler plants and boiler systems. This covers the use of equipment within a plant, such as boilers and pressure vessels in order to ensure that everyone is following all safety protocols when it comes to working with them.

Inspections of boilers are also required in boiler monitoring when circumstances demand it. This may include boiler explosions or boiler fires. They look at the root causes of these boiler incidents, to ensure it does not happen again in future. Lastly, boiler inspectors will also do research for new standards and guidelines that relate to boiler industry work practices.

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