How Long To Fit A Commercial Boiler

If you are planning to replace your boiler, before contacting experts in commercial boiler services, you need to find out how long the process might take. The best service providers understand that time is precious, and they need to get things done on time so that you also save money.

boiler replacement

boiler replacement

Once you have communicated with one of the most reliable surveyors, they will provide you with an accurate quote within one hour. Though many factors come into play, normally, it takes two to three days to fit a boiler. But this is only possible if you get the services from reputable commercial boiler services providers. Depending on the scale of the project, the installation of the boiler can take between eight hours and one week.

You can always get accurate information by supplying your service providers with the most accurate details regarding the project at hand. If you have a broken boiler that you need to swap with one of similar capacity, you will not need a lot of time. This is because the location is the same, and the installation process is similar to what used to be there, so you will save both time and money.

What happens is that the team will utilise the already available pipework, which will only take less than 24 hours to complete. However, they can only use the available pipework if it is still in good condition. The time process can take longer if the technicians are unable to connect your new boiler with the existing pipework. They will have to lay other pipes afresh and then do the installation of a new boiler. Also, if your gas needs to be upgraded as per the new structure regulations, more time could be needed to get the work done.

If you need the boiler moved from your kitchen to garage or basement, the process might take a little longer. This is because the technicians will have to cap off the current pipework and do everything afresh. They will need to connect the gas pipework to your preferred new location. Some adjustments will have to be made along the pipe sections to let the radiators heat up. If all these things are done, you will need at least one more day for the entire process to be completed. The commercial boiler services providers will survey the project and provide you with accurate feedback regarding the duration of the project.

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