Women Plumbers In The Industry

Plumbing is a profession that is associated with gender inequality. There are not many women plumbers in the industry today, and they only account for 2 per cent in the plumbing sector. However, a plumber fits and repairs the pipes, fittings and various apparatus concerning water supply and heating system.

commercial plumbingThe role mentioned is irrespective of gender. Studies have shown that the movement today is working to eradicate implicit and unconscious bias, in recruitment.

Current trend

Presently, positions in many job sectors are open to all genders, and the goal has shifted to acquiring quality results regardless of gender. Today, as an example, women work in top CEO positions, men, work as cosmetologists and both the corporate and entertainment industry, respectively, has highly valued them. Based on a survey, the demand for women in the plumbing industry is rising globally. Gender institutions have started various campaigns to raise the number of females in technical professions.

Filling the skill gap

Today, technical institutions that deal with plumbing have adapted programmes, that improve training, to equip women to work as plumbers. Many commercial plumbing institutions will, therefore, work with professional women plumbers. Most women plumbers have received professional training, compared to small division courses that some male plumbers take. Women plumbers, therefore, become specially equipped in dealing with various hurdles in the job sector just as men or even better. They are also exposed to a real-life working environment that enables them to be equally experienced.

Our benefits

Due to this, ST Heating Services Ltd choose to work with women plumbers because of the professional training that they are, equipped in. We are, therefore, able to fulfil professional and quick plumbing repairs. Our contractors and plumbers install all kinds of oil, gas and dual fuel burner boilers. As commercial plumbing contractors in Maanchester, we have invested in providing heating and plumbing services to all customers. We appreciate all customers and believe that all repairs made by our plumbers and contractors should be of high quality. We have also invested in mobility and we will be able to reach our customer on time.