Winter Boiler Checks – How To Prepare

Turning on the heat is the first thing commercial property owners think of when the temperatures fall. It is recommended to conduct boiler checks before the winter. Below are tips to prepare your heat exchanger or boiler for winter.

Turn It On

If you fail to turn on your boiler regularly, it can get stuck. To prevent this, it is recommended to electrify the heater several times in the summer for 10-15 minutes to make sure all parts are functioning correctly. They can also lose pressure over time and lead to inefficiencies. Watch the pressure gauge and let it refuel. Operating pressure, Water levels, and operating temperature, as well as low water level cutoff, ought to be checked daily. For pressure maintenance instructions, refer to the user manual.

Regular Serviceboiler servicing

Boiler servicing should take place once a year. A certified specialist, such as the boiler servicing engineers here at ST Heating Services, conducts the servicing process. The boiler engineer checks all the details, clean the components, and reviews the records of the boiler room. These records provide data on factors such as exhaust gas temperature and fuel consumption. The recording takes place daily. This data can then be compared to current measurements to determine if the machine is within safe, functional limits, or experiencing problems. However, boiler servicing may take place every few months if the boiler is a bit older.

Pipe Insulation

Water is abnormal in that it expands when frozen. When the weather temperatures are under zero degrees Celsius, stagnant water in your piping system can expand, freeze, and break the pipes.

Insulating the pipes can help to solve the issue of water abnormality. This is similar to the insulation of hollow walls and attics since there is minimal heat transfer and water in the pipes flows as well as possible, and heat loss is minimised. Not only can they prevent emergencies and boiler failures in winter, but they can also reduce energy consumption.

Check Boiler Pressure

In case the boiler pressure goes down, it may result in hot water loss in your household. The pressure of your boiler should always remain within the green range of the pressure gauge after switching on the system. To prevent a pressure drop, it is good always to check and use the loop/ filler neck and to vent the storage heater if the pressure is high. If your pressure is too low, it may be less effective.

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