Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair in the Sink

How hairs in the sink could lead to the mother of all blockages. Especially if you choose to wash your hair in the kitchen sink.

Plumber unblocking sink image by Andrey Popov (via Shutterstock).

Hair raising: washing your hair in the kitchen sink can lead to severe blockages. We prefer to use the shower or the bath ourselves. Image by Andrey Popov (via Shutterstock).

Before we start, this post includes images you may find disturbing. Especially if you’re a plumber. In the Plymouth Herald, a Plymouth-based plumbers have shared on Twitter a selection of images from their work. Courtesy of Plymouth Gas, here’s what happens if you wash your hair in the kitchen sink.

As if by magic, several hairs have created this clump. It looks like seaweed or wet leaves.

You can pass on the basin oyster; obviously nothing on Whitstable’s finest oysters. Besides, we feel like chicken tonight and The Bulls Head might be selling a few surplus Baltis for £2.50.

The moral of the story is…

If you need to wash your hair in the sink, use the bath or shower instead. Failing that, when you go to your local hairdressers, have your hair washed and dried as well as styled. It may cost a bit more, but your kitchen or bathroom sink may thank you for it.

ST Heating Services, 21 January 2017.