Things To Look Out For When Replacing A Boiler

Boiler systems are really important for commercial businesses. But when they break down, it can be difficult to decide what you should do. Should you replace the system completely or just try and get a new part? This blog post will help you figure out what to do with your boiler system, whether that is replacing it entirely or just getting a replacement part. We will also discuss some things that you should be looking out for before deciding on this course of action!

commercial boilerBoiler systems are an integral part of commercial buildings, providing the hot water to make coffee or tea, heating buildings in winter and cooling them in summer. When it is time for a boiler system to be replaced, there are many things that must be considered before picking out new equipment. This guide will walk you through some important factors when considering replacement options.

Considerations for A Boiler Replacement

The age of the boiler system is a main thing to look out for when deciding whether or not to replace it. If your current commercial boiler installation has been in place for over ten years, then you are probably ready for an upgrade! Commercial boilers start getting less efficient after about fifteen years too, due mainly to sediment build up and dirty filters. If your commercial boiler system is near this age range, then it might be worth considering changing the entire thing for a new commercial boiler installation rather than just getting one part replaced.

The commercial boiler UK market doesn’t have an extensive range of commercial boilers available to choose from, but what they do offer is more than enough for you to find the right commercial boiler replacement. Whether your commercial building requires a condensing commercial boiler or not will greatly affect which system you go with, as well as other factors like fuel type and commercial power.

When commercial boilers are installed, they’re installed by experienced heating engineers who know what’s best for the building and its occupants. At ST Heating Services, we always recommend giving us a call to discuss your requirements in order to avoid any commercial boiler problems in the future.

There are commercial boilers available that can run on a range of fuels, from oil to gas and even solid fuel like biomass pellets or logs. If your commercial building uses the commercial boiler for both heating water and generating hot air then there are commercial boilers with an integrated condensing system built in which will allow you to do this without losing heat.

Commercial boilers can also be connected to commercial buildings water storage tanks, giving you a constant supply of hot water on demand and commercial boiler installations are not too difficult an undertaking for experienced heating engineers. If your company’s commercial structure is just utilising the commercial boiler as a source of hot water to keep costs down, commercial boilers are designed to do this job well.

Commercial boiler installations need commercial boiler replacements every ten years or so, but there are some major factors that will determine how long your commercial building can go on using the commercial boiler without needing commercial boiler repairs.

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