When Does A Commercial Boiler Need Servicing?

Commercial Boiler Servicing

Commercial boilers are an integral component of human life, with UK only having more than 26 million of commercial boiler units installed. This is such a big number because people appreciate the service they receive thus it is imperative that there boilers are serviced to ensure that they perform at optimal levels. The average service life of a commercial boiler is approximately ten to fifteen years with adequate service.

Signs that your boiler needs servicing

Commercial boiler servicingFor you to enjoy the full capability of your boiler, regular servicing is imperative to ensure that you enjoy continuous access to hot water and heating without having to worry about it breaking down while in operation. Complacency will only lead to bigger and more costly problems for you hence there are a number of things you should look out for:

  • A rise in the fuel bills: An abnormal rise in your fuel bills is just a clear indicator that there is something wrong since an inefficient boiler tends to consume more fuel than usual.
  • A drop in temperatures: If you notice that your property remains consistently low despite the fact that the boilers are switched on, there could potentially be a problem with your boiler and it calls for immediate servicing.
  • Funny noises: If you’ve heard a noise you hadn’t heard before, there is reason for you to check it out. The sounds could vary from ticking, clunking or whirring and they should alert you that there is something wrong.

Why should you service your boiler?

There are benefits that accrue to you if you frequently service your boiler annually. Servicing a boiler could potentially increase the lifespan of a boiler that could have otherwise packed up sooner. Furthermore, a faulty boiler that has not been serviced in a long time can easily be disruptive in your place of business and some cases even be unsafe.

Regular servicing could lead to the discovery of some minor issues with the boiler that could have potentially grown into troublesome errors in future. You will be saving yourself a lot of pains in future. You will identify all the replacement parts before they are completely worn out.

Steps in servicing commercial boilers

Before you outsource for maintenance services, it is vital that you first find out their Gas and Safety Accreditation. That is why we ensure that you receive world class services following these outlined steps:

  • 1. Visual inspection: We ensure that look at the pipework, flue and boiler to ensure that they are correctly installed including every component both internal and external while basing our assessment on the existing regulations.
  • 2. Checking the components: We will dismantle your boiler to take a look at every component including the burner, gas pressure and flow, heat exchanger, seals, electrodes, safety devices, spark probe, fans, condensable trap and pipe, main injector, flue and combustion among others.
  • 3. Testing: We then conduct a performance test to make sure that your system is working in accordance with the set regulations while fixing any arising faults.
  • 4. Reporting: When we are done, we will provide you with a report that extensively give you a picture of the whole process and informed if your boiler is in violation of any regulation.
  • 5. Signing of documents: At this stage, we would just need you to sign a report to ensure that everything is up to your liking. You may need these document in some instances.

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