Tips for Lowering Your Heating Bills


Ever wondered how much do we spend on our heating bills each year? A survey from observed that the average household fuel bill has doubled since the year 2003. The regulator of GEM also warned that many households could soon face a challenge of unaffordable energy bills. Due to this, simple steps need to be initiated to aid in minimising hundreds of pounds of the annual fuel cost. Saving your heating cost does not necessarily require full house winter-proofing, but sometimes one only need to make a change in their energy consumption habits. A spokesman for energy supplier, N-power, said that if you wish to see a cut in your energy bills, you need to embrace energy efficiency as you won’t experience any price cut until the year falls. Professional heating services have played a critical role in energy consumption reduction. Of the ways to cut and lower your heating bills includes:

Using a Programmable Thermostat

lowering heating bills

Lowering heating bills

ENERGY STAR estimates that an average sized home can save an astonishing 10% of your annual heating bills through shifting from a manual to a programmable thermostat. The thermostats are of different models, and one can select depending on their weekly schedule. For each degree warmer you set your thermostat, one increases their energy use by 7%, and hence it’s advisable to keep your temperature comfortable and relaxed, which for many people is 67 degrees. In case you don’t have a programmable thermostat, it’s advised to turn down the heat at night, and when you leave the house, This method can help lower heating cost much significantly.

Be boiler Aware

Hot water and heating account for around 60% of average fuel bills, and unless a boiler is relatively new, it’s unlikely that it could not be running efficiently as it should. Considering to replace an old gas guzzling boiler with a new one that is highly efficient and condensing, could save up to 274 Euros a year. As well, the boiler needs to be serviced regularly. It has been observed that 3 in 10 households have never had their boiler serviced to enhance efficiency. When not routinely serviced, they usually produce less heat from the consumed gas, which truncates that more cost is needed to run them. The use of professional heating services for boiler repair, maintenance or installation has the benefit of saving you up to 180 Euros per year through preventing wasted fuel expenses. It also reduces the risk of boiler breakdown, and also prevents boiler damage which can occur due to the build-up of sludge deposits, and hence prolonging the boiler’s lifespan.


Some of this energy saving measures have been effective in reduction of heating costs and bills. They have been useful in ensuring that affordable expenses are met, and fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

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