Which Size of Commercial Boiler Do You Need?

commercial boiler sizes

Which Size of Commercial Boiler Do You Need?

The Size of Commercial Boiler You Need

A boiler is an essential and integral part of any home. The role of an efficient boiler is to provide hot water for any facility that it has been acquired for. However, bigger homes and establishments need a commercial boiler to effectively meet their needs for hot water. Always remember that the mass of commercial boilers should match the hot water needs of where it will be set up.

How to Determine the Size of the Commercial Boiler

Generally, the output determines the size of the commercial boiler you will need. That is usually measured in kilowatts; big commercial boilers emit more kilowatts and subsequently supply more hot water. Moreover, when you have a commercial boiler that emits more and you have a smaller house, the extra heat output will amplify your bills which will waste energy. In retrospect, a small boiler will inadequately heat water for a big house.


Prior to purchasing commercial boilers always take into account, the size of the place it will be set up, flow rate, the number of radiators present, mains pressure, and how many bathrooms are in the area. Normally, the size of the boilers varies between 24 kilowatts and 42 kilowatts. However, these days there are combi boilers which are also effective but not suitable for large establishment. They provide hot water for a house which has a maximum of 20 radiators.

The mass of the present boiler that you have should be a big determining factor of the next one. However, ensure that you consult a professional on this because at times the boiler that you were using might not be suitable for your establishment. In addition to this, the demand for hot water and the temperature of the water that the boiler will be heating should also be determining factors.

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