Plumbing Millionaire’s Apprenticeship Gala Date

Charlie Mullins, founder of Pimlico Plumbers, to be keynote speaker for 2017 Asian Apprenticeship Awards

Charlie Mullins, keynote speaker at the 2017 Asian Apprenticeship Awards. Image by Ms. Jane Campbell (via Shutterstock).

Outspoken: plumbing millionaire Charlie Mullins. Image by Ms Jane Campbell (via Shutterstock).

This year’s Asian Apprenticeship Awards will be supported by a keynote speaker from the plumbing industry. That of Charlie Mullins, the millionaire founder of Pimlico Plumbers. Brought up on a council estate, he left school to become a plumbing apprentice. Since the age of nine, he had always wanted to be a plumber and, by 1979, founded Pimlico Plumbers.

He made his name by offering plumbing services for the rich and famous in Greater London. Away from the plumbing side, he is an outspoken critic on employment policy and has worked with David Cameron and George Osborne. As well as getting their pipes fixed, he has advised them. From the start, he wanted to, in his words:

“Get rid of the stigma of plumbers always turning up late in rusty old vans, no uniforms and with the arses hanging out their trousers, bad workmanship and ripping off the customer.”

Lately, Charlie Mullins has been in the courts over employment rights, losing a case this February. This week, he has been given a right to appeal via the Supreme Court. Whatever you make of his political opinions, he has built up a multi-million pound business from scratch, with a definite goal from the start. Many attendees may identify with his previous experience as an apprentice plumber.

Taking place at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham on the 02 November, the Asian Apprenticeship Awards celebrate the role of apprenticeships among young people with BME backgrounds. The award ceremony was founded by Isa Mutlib and Mullins’ appointment as keynote speaker is a real coup. Nominations for this year’s event are now open.

ST Heating Services, 09 August 2017.