Plumbing Apprentices: Higher Earning Potential?

According to a Gloucestershire company, plumbing apprentices could have higher earning potential than graduates

Plumbing apprentices image by Atelier211 (via Shutterstock).

For earning potential, plumbing apprentices have ‘never had it so good’. Image by Atelier211 (via Shutterstock).

Whether we’re driving to work or taking the hoverboard along the East Lancs Road, there will always be a need for plumbers and heating engineers. If you are considering the idea of being an apprentice plumber (or already one yourself), you could be saying hello to a prosperous career. According to a Gloucestershire company, AMG, plumbing apprentices could have higher earning potential than graduates.

Ouch. Especially so if you’ve got tuition fees and student loans to pay back in your first proper postgraduate job. According to a report written last year, plumbing apprentices could earn 270% more than university graduates over their career. If you’ve just left school, this is the best time to consider enrolling for a plumbing apprenticeship.

Apart from learning on the job and block release tuition at a local college, plumbing apprentices are trained in a career that is largely futureproof. The Director of the Apprenticeship Management Group (AMG), John Henry said: “Apprenticeships are not just open to school leavers and people need to know this.

“The apprenticeship reforms including the levy, which came into force in April, has opened so many doors for companies of all sizes as well as for potential employees to train new staff and upskill colleagues across all disciplines.”

If you know someone who wants to get into the wonderful world of heating and plumbing, the National Careers Service website is a good place to start. Or you can find out at your local college or apprenticeship training provider.

ST Heating Services, 06 July 2017.