Loft Insulation: The 25 Million Question

Green Building Council report states that 25 million houses either have inadequate or no loft insulation

Loft insulation image by Mironmax Studio (via Shutterstock)

Trailing: the UK needs to insulate 25 million lofts by 2050, according to a report by the Green Building Council. Loft insulation image by Mironmax Studio (via Shutterstock).

The UK has an insulation problem. A loft insulation problem. One where 25 million homes either have no insulation or inadequate insulation. What are we going to do about it? Will there be a national programme of works? Will it be down to the individual? According to a Green Building Council report, we are going to have to put our foot down (would thirty-three years from now be enough of a deadline?).

In the report, presented to Parliament, it stated that 25 million homes – by 2050 – need to be properly insulated. Despite having some of Europe’s cheapest electricity tariffs, the average bill in the UK is higher than in mainland Europe. This is due to poor insulation in the average British home. Therefore, the Green Building Council has called for:

  • Staged targets for refurbishing buildings;
  • The reintroduction of the zero-carbon standard for homes built after 2020;
  • The recognition of energy efficiency as a nationwide infrastructure policy;
  • Long term plans to increase energy efficiency in the home; and,
  • The disclosure of energy consumption figures in commercial buildings.

As well as improved energy efficiency, home and loft insulation (as stated in their report) delivers health benefits and lower bills. The Green Building Council’s report also says that a national programme would boost employment with potential for thousands of jobs.

Whether we are up for the target in 2050 is another question. Upgrading the loft insulation of 25 million UK homes means working on 1.4 dwellings a minute. On completion, its recommended target of cutting carbon emissions by 80% could be achieved.

ST Heating Services, 03 March 2017.