Introducing Find an Installer Megaflo

How Heatrae Sadia’s Megaflo search engine will take the heat out of finding an heating installer

Megaflo installer image by Yunava1.

A Megaflo heating installer is only a click away thanks to Heatrae Sadia’s database. Image by Yunava1 (via Shutterstock).

Finding a heating installer at the best of times can be tough. It is a process which requires some due diligence. Sometimes, word of mouth recommendations may be a good guide but how would you know if the installer does a good job? Well, Heatrae Sadia, thanks to its Megaflo brand, has created a search engine of certified heating installers.

To register, all heating installers have to fill in a form online. Before they can added onto the database, they need to have their G3 certification and Public Liability Insurance details at the ready. Once accepted, participants are given notification of possible customer leads, by email and SMS text messages.

On the Megaflo search engine, all you need to do is choose a service from a pull down menu then enter your postcode. On starting your search, the next screen you will see is an embedded Google map with a pin denoting your chosen postcode. Then a pin or two (maybe three or more) of heating installers conversant with Heatrae Sadia systems.

From there, you can choose any of the heating installers seen below the map window. In between the list and the map is a ‘Request a Call’ button.

Heatrae Sadia’s new database has been designed with homeowners in mind. It has clearly been designed for mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computer based browsers. Its straightforward user interface could be a winner.

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