Installers First’s Join The Jingle Campaign

Could you write and perform a jingle to raise awareness of gas safety?

Jingle competition mixing desk image by Kristin Smith (via Shutterstock).

Music to our ears: a good gas safety jingle should be instantly recognisable in seconds, as per Installers First’s competition. Mixing desk image by Kristin Smith (via Shutterstock).

The greatest advertising jingles and jingle packages are remembered well after their shelf life. How many aged persons still remember the Murray Mints advert from 1955 (yes the “too good to hurry mints”)? Do you secretly whistle the old local radio jingles whilst sat on the lavatory? Are you singing “Have I got PPI dot com” to yourself on the bus out of Swinton? Does the number 745 9494 remind you of anything?

They get under our skin, or the nation’s psyche. Installers First are hoping to do the same with their competition. As well as being a fun competition, there is a serious message: that of gas safety. With the average person, according to some research sources, jingles go through our heads for 58 minutes a week. Supposing we thought about gas safety in that time, Installers First aims to kill two birds with one stone.

Their Join The Jingle competition aims to be an outlet for creativity as well as its message. Each jingle needs to include the following lines:

  1. Always use a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer;
  2. Book an annual gas safety check.

The successful jingle, whether in audio visual, or audio form will be judged on its ability to make an immediate impact, motivation, clarity, and creativity. The lucky winner will be a proud owner of a Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi plus boiler. Which should be collected and delivered to a Gas Safe Registered engineer (proof of registration required).

Your jingle must be no shorter than 30 seconds and no longer than 90 seconds. No profane language or nudity is permitted (and potty-mouthed streakers are an absolute no-no). To submit your entry, particulars are available from the Installers First website. Entries should be uploaded no later than midnight on the 10 September 2017.

ST Heating Services, 23 August 2017.