In Video: My Brother, the Water Heater

A girl and her ‘robot sibling’, which turns out to be a water heater

Water heater image by CigDem (via Shutterstock).

My Little Robot: another water heater that looks like a robot. Image by CigDem (via Shutterstock).

What is the first thing that enters your mind when you’re talking about robots? Tinplate 1960s toys that resemble Rosie from The Jetsons? The replicas in Blade Runner? V.I.C.I., the robotic sounding child from Small Wonder? Water heaters?

In this adorable clip, we see Rayna befriending her robot friend. The 30 second clip has gone viral and has been seen by over 2.5 million people.

We can see the resemblance to a robot: it has the eyes of Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit films. This clip makes a nice change from the usual doom and gloom. Definitely one to watch over your tea break.

A Thermal Throwback Feature

With this bonus clip, we go back to 1990 when NORWEB and Manweb advertised the joys of “total heating”. Those were the days.