What is the Ideal Heating System for an Industrial Warehouse?

It is a well-known fact that obtaining targeted heating solutions for larger areas can be challenging due to the sheer amount of space that needs to be addressed. Many property owners will have to face this situation when dealing with warehouses and similar storage facilities. The Perfect Heating System For an Industrial WarehouseIt is therefore important to examine what many professionals consider to represent the best option as well as what such a system has to offer in terms of cost-saving benefits.

Warm Air Heaters

This is arguably the most common and effective heating option for a warehouse. Not only are these industrial heating systems very efficient, but they can be designed with a modular capacity in mind. In other words, warm air heating networks are able to be upgraded or downgraded depending upon the needs of the location.

Furthermore, it is often possible to create different zones within a warehouse. This enables certain areas to be heated while the temperatures of other locations (such as areas where no workers are present) can be moderated in order to reduce overall costs.

Warm air heaters work by extracting air from an apparatus known as a heat exchanger. This is a highly efficient method, as it provides a constant supply of heat without massive temperature variations (an issue with some larger warehouses). In most cases, a number of standalone heaters are present.

There will be placed in specific locations in order to maximise the level of airflow throughout the warehouse. Some of the primary advantages of warm air heaters include:

  • They offer a reliable supply of fresh air.
  • The heat is supplied immediately; important during colder times of the year.
  • The heaters can be designed to provide a “hot air curtain” around entrances.
  • These systems tend to be the best for properly sealed buildings that may otherwise suffer from poor levels of ventilation.

Have you been searching for targeted and cost-effective warehouse heating solutions? If so, please speak with a specialist at ST Heating Services we will be happy to provide you with additional information as well as to determine which method might be the most appropriate for your property.

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