Foot Guards: One’s Got No Hot Water

Queen in hot water over lack of warm showers and central heating in barracks

Guards mounting at Buckingham Palace (or in need of hot water).

Guards mounting at Buckingham Palace during the Changing of the Guard. Perhaps they may be in need of hot water and an efficient central heating system. Image by Adrian Pingstone, 2005 (Public Domain).

The Royal Family. No matter what opinion you may have about the Windsors, they bring people to the United Kingdom. Especially tourists wishing to visit Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, or the Royal Parks. The Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace is a sight to behold, but the Foot Guards are complaining about the cold. At Wellington Barracks, the heating system has conked out, with the Foot Guards deprived of hot water and central heating.

Over the last month, the Foot Guards have complained about cold showers and the lack of heating. Despite being close to Buckingham Palace, Wellington Barracks has no central heating. Throughout the compound, it is only the Married Quarters which have had the luxury of hot water and heating of any description.

The lack of hot water for the 600 guardsmen is due to the boiler not working. For a few days, they have showered in conditions that Prince Charles last enjoyed when he attended Gordonstoun public school. The root of the problem, as claimed on the Royal Central website is the general dilapidation of the Palace and its accompanying buildings. Parts of the barracks date from 1833, back when Britain’s pioneering inter-city route departed from Liverpool Road station in Castlefield.

Whoever gets to repair the Royal Estates’ heating systems will have their work cut out. It is claimed that a complete overhaul would take five weeks work to do. We dread to think how much it will cost (besides, we would be footing the bill anyway). On the other hand, it is a prestigious contract in waiting that could grace the CV or any company’s website. If they are looking for CORGI Gas Safe Registered heating engineers, one could drop us a line on 0161 279 0137.

ST Heating Services, 02 February 2017.