Commercial vs. Residential Plumbing

commercial vs residential plumbingAsk most people what they think are the differences between domestic and commercial plumbers and the chances are most will say similar things, but in particular that they’re the same with the exception that commercial plumbers deal with larger buildings.

Defining commercial and domestic premises

Commercial premises are intended for the carrying on of business. Such premises can be offices, shops, restaurants or other types of buildings, and as such they are generally larger than domestic buildings. This may seem obvious, but there will be significant differences in working in commercial rather than domestic premises when it comes to plumbing and heating work, and it’s not just about size. Commercial premises may be used by a number of employees as well as members of the public and there will be very specific regulations that must be complied with. A good example is the location and maintenance of lavatories and washing facilities. Most people will have seen signs announcing ‘Staff only’ as well as directions to other WCs for public use.

Differences in commercial and domestic plumbing work

The larger size of commercial properties will mean that plumbing and heating installations will be laid out over a greater area although some domestic premises can be bigger than some of the smaller commercial ones. Size is not the only difference however and there are many more that distinguish commercial from domestic plumbing. These are perhaps three of the most significant:

  • a greater number of appliances such as WCs, sinks, radiators, boilers and dishwashers etc
  • more complex and larger plumbing and heating systems requiring detailed mapping and understanding
  • a greater potential to disrupt business through plumbing work

Need for faster and more accurate work

It would be nice to think that all plumbers will do a great job in the shortest time possible and with no mistakes but sadly this isn’t always the case. In the domestic field these issues can be irritating and disruptive, but with commercial premises it can mean not only disruption but also the temporary suspension of business which can result in significant financial losses. This is one of the reasons why it is vital to ensure that work is undertaken by commercial plumbers who understand the issues, such as those of ST Heating Services Ltd. Choosing us for our full range of gas and plumbing services can save a lot of money over time.

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