Commercial Plumbing FAQs

Commercial plumbing systems can be quite complex, and it is essential to know what goes into this form of plumbing before hiring a commercial plumber. This includes understanding what commercial plumbing is, what commercial plumbers do, and what to look for when procuring plumbing services. Here is a highlight of answers to the frequently asked questions about this subject.

commercial plumbingWhat is commercial plumbing?

This is a specialised form of plumbing that takes place on retail developments, commercial properties, and commercial businesses. Although its scope of work is similar to that of residential plumbing, this kind of plumbing involves larger plumbing systems.

Who is a Commercial Plumber?

This is a specialised plumber whose role is to install, maintain, and repair complex plumbing systems. Commercial plumbers are heavily involved in working out water supply systems, boiler systems, and large-scale waste removal systems for businesses.

What is the difference between commercial and residential plumbing?

Commercial and residential plumbing are similar by operation. However, there are some notable differences, including the following;

  • Residential plumbing systems are less complicated compared to commercial systems. This means that it is possible to shut down the entire residential plumbing system, identify its flaws, and carry out the necessary repairs. This is not the case when it comes to a plumbing system of a commercial property. A commercial plumber must identify and correct defects in a plumbing system without closing it down.
  • Commercial plumbers must be updated on complex plumbing codes and plumbing defects that might never occur in a residential plumbing system.
  • Residential plumbing incorporates piping in a minimal number of floors of a residential property. This means that a residential plumber will only require basic skills to install, repair, and maintain pipework systems.
  • Commercial plumbers are required to work on multiple systems, including heating systems, pipework systems, and sewers for multiple floors of a commercial property. There is, therefore, an increased risk of damages and repairs required for the commercial form of plumbing compared to residential plumbing.

What are some of the services covered in the commercial type of plumbing?

When hiring a commercial plumber to install, repair, or maintain a plumbing system of a commercial property, here are some services that you can procure;

  • General maintenance of plumbing systems.
  • Replacement of the entire plumbing system.
  • Installation and maintenance of water supply systems and drinking water lines.
  • Installation and maintenance of fire systems.
  • Clearing blocked sewer lines and drains.
  • Installation and maintenance of external and internal pipework of a commercial property.

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