Central Heating Energy Saving Tips

Some handy energy saving tips and tricks for households with central heating
Winter draws on. As the mercury slides down the thermometer, this means the prospect of a hefty fuel bill. Thankfully, this is manageable and we at ST Heating Services can help you on your way. What’s more, today’s modern technology can also be of assistance. For example, your smartphone can be used to control the central heating.

Here’s five of our favoured energy saving tips:

1. Fit a new boiler

Central Heating tips image by Ozgur Guvenc (via Shutterstock).

Image by Ozgur Guvenc (via Shutterstock).

We at ST Heating Services can fit a new boiler in your home as well as within commercial and industrial premises. As we stated in our previous blog post on ‘Zombie Boilers’, hot water boilers lose their efficiency over time. A fifteen-year-old central heating boiler only has 60 – 70% efficiency compared with new ones.

2. Replace or insulate the hot water cylinder
Ideally, updating your hot water cylinder makes for a more efficient central heating system. For some households, this may be an unaffordable option. Nevertheless, you alleviate these concerns by purchasing a new insulation jacket. Costing considerably less than a new cylinder, the jacket enables you to save £110 to £135 a year according to Energy Saving Trust figures.

3. Change your radiators
This can be an expensive option though one that pays dividends in the long term. As with boilers, they could lose energy efficiency over a period of time. Alternatively, you can bleed your existing older radiators with a radiator key or small screwdriver.

4. Upgrade the valves of your radiators

If you have fairly old radiators with an ON and OFF control, why not upgrade your radiator valves? Add an adjustable valve then set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature (18 to 21 degrees Celsius). It should turn the central heating on till the set temperature has been reached. Then it should turn the heating off till the temperature drops.

5. Use a smart control system
Smart control systems like Hive for example, enables you to control the central heating remotely. The biggest selling point is being able to switch your heating on or off from a smartphone or a PC. On any day plus Sunday, any hour, from any room. Though an initial cost is involved, this can help you to save money.